Monthly Archives: March, 2023

Zionism and the Bourgeois State

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 27.03.2023 The state and bourgeois ideology The huge demonstrations against Netanyahu’s government with chants of “Democracy” and “No to the dictatorships” raise the questions: What is Democracy? What is the relationship between Democracy and Dictatorship? What do they mean when they chant: “We want Democracy”, […]

The IMT on the crisis of the Zionist State

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 17.03.2023 For almost three months the right centrist IMT led by Alan Woods has ignored the worst crisis of the Zionist apartheid. Then it published an article by Ben Curry on 15 March 2023[1] that claims that the demonstrations are mobilized by the majority […]

On the History of Al-Aqsa

The ISL, RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 03.02.2023 If you ask most non-Muslim people: What is the Western Wall in Jerusalem? The answer will be “What is left from the Jewish temple” and that this is the most holy place for Jews. If you ask Muslims, they will tell you that Al-Aqṣā Mosque, is the […]

The pogrom and its supporters

By Yossi Schwartz the ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 02.03.2023 “Get up and walk through the city of the massacre, And with your hand touch and lock your eyes On the cooled brain and clots of blood Dried on tree trunks, rocks, and fences; it is they. Go to the ruins, […]