After robbing their lands, the Zionists are hunting Palestinian human right activists outside of Palestine

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 04.05.2022

Khalid Barakat a Palestinian refugee, who resides in Vancouver, has been named by Israeli intelligence services as a leader of PFLP, and it alleged that he is connected to the PFLP affiliated NGO Samidoun. According to the right-wing National post the Zionists in Canada demand that Canada will remove him from Canada.

“Khalid Barakat has been barred from the United States, he has been barred from Germany, yet the Trudeau government still allows this individual to remain in Canada, despite a Canadian law that forbids any individual with connections to terrorist organizations from entering our country or receiving Canadian Citizenship,” said Senator Leo Housakos in a debate with Senator Marc Gold, the representative of the Government in the Senate. “Why does your government allow him to remain in the country?” [i]

“We have provided the Government with credible and convincing information, yet we have had no response,” said chief executive officer of Bnai Brith Canada Michael Mostyn said in a statement following the senate discussion. “The recent National Post story has made the situation even more critical and more alarming. “The government needs to act immediately and deport Khaled Barakat.” [ii]

Even if it was true that the NGO Samidoun is PFLP affiliated it is an organization of the oppressed while the Zionist apartheid state is the oppressor. Thus, we say, take your hands off Khaled Barakat.

Let us recall that the USA and Canada considered Nelson Mandela and the ANC fighting the apartheid state terrorists until 2008.

Samidoun is a registered not-for-profit corporation in Canada. Barakat’s wife is listed as one of Samidoun’s Canadian directors, but Samidoun insisted that Barakat was not a member.

“Samidoun released a statement saying that it “condemns in the strongest terms the smear campaign targeting Palestinian Canadian leftist writer and community organizer Khaled Barakat as well as the work of Samidoun, by the right-wing National Post, intentionally forwarding the agenda of pro-Israel lobby organizations in Canada” [iii]

The Zionist state and its supporters are hunting any person or an organization that oppose its war crimes. A few months ago, Israel claimed without providing any evidence that six Palestinian human right organizations are connected with terrorist organizations.

“In response to the organizations’ demand, the Military Attorney replied that the “core of the designations” is based on classified material that would remain secret.

Following the demand of the six Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations that Israel designated as “terrorist organizations”, the Military Attorney responded this week that it would allow the groups to review only the unclassified information that underlies the bases of the designations. The military stated in its response that “the core of the declarations is based on classified, cross-checked and reliable intelligence information that cannot be disclosed” as it may harm national security. According to the Military Attorney, these confidential materials indicate that the organizations “are in fact an arm of a terrorist organization.”

“This response indicates that the organizations will not be provided with the evidence directed against them, and thus, they are afforded no due process rights. This response also reinforces the organizations’ argument that the Israeli authorities have no evidence linking them with illegal acts and that this move amounts to the political persecution of human rights defenders.” [iv]

The story of Khalid Barakat brings to mind the story of the vineyard of Naboth.

The Bible (Kings 21) is telling us the story of King Ahab and the vineyard of Naboth.

Jabot, owned a vineyard next to the palace of King Ahab and Jezreel. The king offered to buy Naboth’s vineyard or exchange it for a better one. Naboth flatly refused. Instead of using his royal prerogatives to expropriate Naboth, the king returned home to sulk until Queen Jezebel had Naboth convicted on false charges and stoned to death. Ahab seized the vineyard, but the prophet Elijah stepped in to foretell the downfall of Ahab’s dynasty saying: “Thus saith the Lord, Hast thou killed, and also taken possession? And thou shalt speak unto him, saying, thus saith the Lord, In the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick thy blood, even thine”.

In his speech for the Zionist’s independent day when the Zionists expelled 900,000 Palestinians PM of Israel Bennett said: “If only our enemies invested in building their futures even a tenth of the energy, they put into disturbing us, their situation would be completely different. But they choose the sanctification of death, which leaves them to wallow in poverty, squalor, and a constant sense of sacrifice,” [v]

How nice of him. Israel is a rich country because it robbed the Palestinians and received hundreds of billions of dollars from the USA and Europe. It received it for its role as the front line of the imperialists in the region. In other words, Bennett is saying if you could become robbers and form a powerful death machine you also could be also become rich.

Hands off Khalid Barakat!

For the right of return of the Palestinian refugees!



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