Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine!

Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital “Will Open the Floodgates of Hell to the West”! Mobilize for a Popular Intifada – in Palestine, in the Arab and Muslim World, Globally!

Joint Statement of the International Secretariat of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and the Internationalist Socialist League (Israel / Occupied Palestine), 06.12.2017, and

1. Today US President Donald Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He set in motion the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to this city. This is a break with Washington’s decades-long foreign policy which: while the U.S. has always supported the Zionist Apartheid state politically, economically and militarily, it at least formally tried to preserve the facade that it would respect international law which does not recognize Israel’s annexation of Jerusalem. The decision of the US Administration officially supports Israel’s policy of occupation.
2. Washington’s decision is an unprecedented provocation to the Palestinian people as well as to the whole Arab and Muslim world. It symbolizes, in the most provocative way, the unconditional support of US imperialism for the barbaric Zionist state and all its outrageous acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing and occupation of the Palestinian people. It symbolizes the arrogance of the imperialist masters against the oppressed and humiliated peoples in all corners of the world. It is hardly surprising that no government in the world has dared to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital until now. But Trump – this personification of imperialisms’ racism, ignorance and decadence – has decided to take this step.

3. The Grand Imam of al-Azhar in Cairo – the highest seat of learning in the Sunni Muslim world – has said that the US plan to relocate its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem will “open the floodgates of hell to the West”. The Palestinian resistance organization Hamas has called on the Palestinian people and factions to “turn the coming Friday into a day of rage against the Israeli occupation, in rejection of the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognising it as the capital of Israel”. Other Palestinian political factions called for daily protest marches this week, starting on Wednesday. Even those governments are forced to express verbal outrage about Trump’s provocation, which are conspiring with the US and other imperialist powers in liquidating the liberation struggle of the Palestinian and the Syrian people – like the Saudi, Jordanian and Turkish rulers as well as the treacherous Abbas clique in Ramallah.

4. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) declares its unconditional solidarity with the protests of the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and all advocates of freedom around the world! The RCIT and its predecessor organization as well as its comrades in Occupied Palestine have fought for decades against the barbaric Zionist oppression of the Palestinian people. Our solidarity with the Palestinian brothers and sisters will continue until they have achieved freedom and the Zionist entity will be replaced by a Free Red Palestine with equal civil rights to the Arabs and the Israeli Jews!

5. It is urgent to break the conspiracy of the Palestinian Authority to liquidate the resistance against the Israeli occupation. For an immediate stop to all forms of collaboration of the Palestinian Authority with the Israeli state! For a popular Intifada! Build popular committees and self-defense committees composed of Palestinian workers, poor peasants, and youth in places of work, towns, and villages!

6. Today the Palestinian people need our international solidarity more than ever! The whole world must be shaken by mass mobilizations and determined resistance to counter the official recognition of Jerusalem’s occupation by the Zionists. Protest in front of the US and Israeli embassies! Support popular actions against the Israeli state! Force the governments around the world to stop their open and hidden economic, political and military aid for the Zionist state!

* No to the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital! Protest in front of the US and Israeli embassies!

* Revive the Palestinian Intifada!

* For popular committees and self-defense committees composed of Palestinian workers, poor peasants, and youth in places of work, towns, and villages!

* For international solidarity actions including mass demonstrations and popular actions against Israel!

* Stop economic, political and military aid for the Zionist state!

* Lift the Israeli blockade against the Gaza! Egyptian workers and peasants: Break the reactionary blockade of the al-Sisi regime against Gaza!

* Israeli workers and youth: Turn against the racist demagogues! Defend the Palestinians against the reactionary settlers, the fascist gangs, and the army!

* For a Free Red Palestine!

* Unite the Arab Revolution with a renewed Intifada in Palestine! Support the Syrian Revolution against the reactionary Assad dictatorship! Bring down the reactionary military dictatorship of General al-Sisi in Egypt!

* Onward to the building of a revolutionary workers’ party as part of a World Party for Socialist Revolution!

* * * * *

For the analysis of the RCIT and its comrades in Occupied Palestine of the Palestinian liberation struggle, we refer readers to our numerous articles and documents accessed from the Africa and Middle East section of our website: as well at In particular we refer readers to the following documents:

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