Break the diplomatic relations with the Zionist Apartheid

Yossi Schwartz, the ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 02.11.2023

We were informed that Bolivia cut its relations with Israel and Chile and Colombia returned their ambassadors. This is likely the beginning of a new stage in the war of national liberation of the Palestinians leading to total embargo on Israel. This is what happened to South Africa apartheid and this is likely to happen to the Zionist monster in spite of the current support of the Western imperialists. The ruling classes in the imperialist states supported South African apartheid almost until the end but they also for their own interests supported the boycott on South Africa.

It is necessary to put pressure on all the two hundred states that voted for ceasefire now to act and cut their relations with Israel. This is the time to put pressure on the Arab states to end the Abraham accord and to throw out the Western imperialists and first of all the U.S from the Middle East.

These imperialist states support the war crimes of Israel that killed close to 9000 people in Gaza and more than 100 people in the West Bank in the last three weeks.

Netanyahu is a paranoid narcissist who wants a long war. As long the war continues, he stays in power. The Israelis are prisoners of their own Zionist racist consciousness and Netanyahu play with them as Niro the Roman Caesar played on the plebeian masses. Only breaking with Zionism will help the Israeli Jews and this will be the result of the Arab revolution possibly combined with total defeat and isolation of Israel.

In time of genocide by the Zionist apartheid state and the beginning of breaking relation with Israel, the right centrist Israeli “Socialist struggle” the section of the ISA is equating the genocide by Israel to the national liberation struggle by Hamas and is calling for the right of self- determination for the Zionist Israelis.

“Solidarity with those who lost their loved ones and with ordinary women from all communities, on both sides of the fence, who face the horrors of war and massacres . The heart of the failure: the arrogance of the “conflict management” policy and the normalization of the occupation and the siege led to war. A struggle is needed to stop the deterioration and end the siege, the occupation and poverty, as part of a struggle for a root solution to the rounds of conflict within the framework of socialist change, on the basis of guaranteeing equal rights to existence, self-determination and living in dignity and well-being” [1]

Hadash (The Stalinist front) like a true liberal is calling for a cease fire for humanitarian reasons without supporting Hamas militarily, nor the struggle for national liberation and the establishment of a Palestinian state from the river to the sea as a worker state and part of a socialist federation in the region. Like “Socialist Struggle” it is for two states based on the rotten Oslo agreement aimed at ending the Intifada. It is the mantra of the imperialists that support Israel, and unlike “Socialist Struggle” it is calling for a mini-Palestinian state alongside the Zionist apartheid imperialist state on 80% of Palestine. Like “socialist Struggle” it does not even mention the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to the homeland [2]

The solution is a Palestinian state from the river to the sea rule by the working class supported by the fellahin. A state to which the Palestinian refugees will return and the Jewish minority will have civil rights.

The ISL is calling for a ceasefire in support of the Palestinian fighters and the people of Gaza. We also call for prisoners swept for the same reason.

Break the diplomatic relation with the Zionist Apartheid!

For exchange of all prisoners!

For cease fire now!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



%D7%90%D7%AA-%D7%94%D7%9E%D7%9C%D7%97%D7%9E%D7%94 Translated from Hebrew.

[2] See in Hebrew





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