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Venezuela: Dwindling Support for Chávez’s Fake Socialism (October 2010)

Joint Declaration on the Election Results and the Political Juncture in Venezuela by the League for the Revolutionary Party (U.S.) and the Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine) October 16, 2010  Workers’ Revolution is the Answer for Workers and the Poor! Hugo Chávez has been in power for over eleven years. The National Assembly elections on […]

Elections in Venezuela – No Support for Any of the Parties (September 2010)

ISL Short Statement on the 2010 Venezuelan Elections [full analysis will be published here in the near future.] On the 26th of September, parliamentary elections will be held in Venezuela. Unlike many on the left, the ISL does not endorse any of the parties, including the PSUV, President Hugo Chavez’s party.