Solidarity with Da’am activists (May 2012)

Dear comrades of Daam,

We are writing to express our solidarity with you and our condemnation of the Zionist bullying which you have faced on the 12.5.2012, during the so-called Neighborhood March. There is no doubt that your refusal to back down in the face of intimidation and physical attacks shows true bravery and dedication. It is clear that the same elements who wanted to use the demonstration to push for a racist, anti-immigrant agenda are the ones who felt the need to tear down your Arabic slogans.

Your conduct is even more impressive when contrasted with the cowardly – yet predictable – retreat by Hadash and Meretz. It is impossible to expect anything else from Meretz: this is an openly Zionist middle-class party, which has never been able to withstand the pressure of the right-wing. As for Hadash, its main component, the Israeli Communist Party, claims to be anti-Zionist and Marxist, but it continues to advocate a two-state solution which will guarantee the continued existence of Israel, alongside a Palestinian mini-state with no real sovereignty to speak of. Such a “solution” means the denial of the Palestinian refugees’ right of return and enjoyment of democratic rights in their homeland.

Thus, Meretz and Hadash’s capitulations should come as no surprise to revolutionaries. The capitulation of their members to the organizers of the march is just a reflection of their respective parties’ capitulation to Zionism. You have provided a commendable alternative to this capitulation.

Best regards,



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