Do not believe one word of the Zionist-speak Part II

Yossi Schwartz ISL (The RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 13.12.2023


The Israeli Air Force bombed hospitals with the lie that Hamas is using the hospitals to fight against Israel. The Israeli military’s repeated attacks on medical facilities, personnel, and transport in order to destroy the Gaza Strip’s healthcare system. Despite the Israeli military’s claims on November 5, 2023, of “Hamas’s cynical use of hospitals,” no evidence put forward would justify depriving hospitals and ambulances of their protected status under international law.

Let’s assume that a group of Hamas fighters is hiding under Rambam hospital in Haifa, using it to shoot Israeli soldiers. Do you believe that the Zionist Air Force would bomb the hospital??

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that at least 521 people, including 16 medical workers, have been killed in 137 “attacks on health care” in Gaza as of November 12. These attacks, alongside Israel’s decisions to cut off electricity and water and block humanitarian aid to Gaza, have severely impeded health care access. The United Nations found as of November 10 that two-thirds of primary care facilities and half of all hospitals in Gaza are not functioning at a time when medical personnel are dealing with unprecedented numbers of severely injured patients. Hospitals have run out of medicine and basic equipment, and doctors told Human Rights Watch that they were forced to operate without anesthesia and to use vinegar as an antiseptic.” [1] (By now due to Israel policy the entire medical system in Gaza is not functioning).

Human Rights Watch investigated attacks on or near the Indonesian Hospital, al-Ahli Hospital, the International Eye Care Center, the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, and the al-Quds Hospital between October 7 and November 7. Human Rights Watch spoke by phone with two displaced people sheltering in hospitals and 16 healthcare workers and hospital officials in Gaza and analyzed and verified open-source data, including videos posted to social media and satellite imagery, as well as WHO databases.

“Israeli forces struck the Indonesian Hospital multiple times between October 7 and October 28, killing at least two civilians. The International Eye Care Center was struck repeatedly and completely destroyed after a strike on October 10 or 11. Strikes hit the compound and vicinity of the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital on October 30 and 31. Damage to the hospital as well as a lack of fuel for hospital generators resulted in its closure on November 1. Repeated Israeli strikes damaged the al-Quds Hospital and injured a man and child out front. Israeli forces on several occasions struck well-marked ambulances, killing and wounding at least a dozen people in one incident on November 3, including children, outside al-Shifa hospital.

These ongoing attacks are not isolated. Israeli forces have also carried out scores of strikes damaging several other hospitals across Gaza. WHO reported that as of November 10, 18 out of 36 hospitals and 46 out of 72 primary care clinics were forced to shut down. The forced closure of these facilities stems from damage caused by attacks as well as the lack of electricity and fuel” [2]

Israel claims that Al Shifa hospital was used as the headquarters of Hamas leadership using the tunnels under the hospital to plan attacks on Israel. The former PM of Israel Barak said in channel 12 of the Israeli TV that Israel built the tunnels when it ruled Gaza. In addition, Israel claimed that the Qatari hospital was part of Al Shifa using the same tunnels, while in reality they are separated institutions 3 km apart.

After Israel bombed al-Ahli Hospital it claimed that it was the Palestinian Islamic Jihad that misfired and killed the hundreds of people, and that this group of the PIJ hid in the cemetery behind the hospital. Such a graveyard does not exist behind the hospital.

Israel also presented a nurse in a very clean and ironed white uniform who claimed that Hamas stole the medical equipment and medicines but the fact she was in white clean closes after a serious bombing, that no doctor knew her and she spoke Arabic with non-Gazan accent revealed that she was part of the Zionist propaganda.


Israel claims that during 66 days of war only 105 Israeli soldiers were killed while more than 7000 Hamas fighters of Hamas it is a ratio of 70:1 no army in the world could stand such a ratio. Yet in the last days Israel reports that every day 7-8 soldiers die. Thus, it is clear that even here the Zionist propaganda is based on lies. In addition, Israel announced that Hamas is collapsing and before total defeat and its fighters are surrounding. To prove it, Israel presents a group of Palestinians naked except the underwear and one of them is holding a rifle carrying it to the other side of the street. Then another naked person in underwear carrying the rifle does the same. The group is naked to humiliate them. It does not make sense that after undressing they will still have the weapons. You expect that first the prisoner POW will surrender his weapon. Not only this but when you look closely it is the same man holding the weapon. In addition, we are told that the war will continue for many months. How this is possible if Hamas is collapsing and while collapsing also killing 7-8 Zionist soldiers every day. This is a classic technique of the big lie. Later on, we were told that these people were civilians that were released. Then, the whole scene was staged.

In the real world the Zionist apartheid state killed close to 18,000 people and 70% of them women and children. According to the official line, 102 Israeli soldiers were killed in Gaza, and 7000 Hamas fighters. This needs to be taken with more than a grain of salt. For example, in a single hospital more than 1900 soldiers have been treated, while the army claims that it has only around 1500 casualties. [3] In addition, number of Hamas fighters killed is likely much lower – from 1000 to 3000 according to some blogger.[4] 7000 is almost 25% of 30,000(estimated number of Hamas fighters), is it very hard to believe that Hamas has taken such a blow and yet still puts up fighting in a way that the average number of Israeli soldiers killed in fact has slightly increased since the start of the war!

Down with the Zionist stupid propaganda machine!



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