Down with the Anti-Semitism of the Zionists

Yossi Schwartz, ISL The RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 23.02.2022

According to the Israeli daily newspaper “Israel Today,” 16% of American Jews support the BDS. It relies on a survey conducted by the Mailman group.

A significant portion (16%) support the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, a poll conducted by the Ruderman Family Foundation has found” [i]

Based on another survey published last August Nachman Shai the Minister for Israel’s diaspora affairs said that “Progressive American Jews’ continued support of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement may threaten US support to Israel” [ii]

There are three points to deal with here.

The first one is the growing distance between the American Jews and the Zionist state is important as the Zionists’ use of the Holocaust and the accusation of Anti-Semitism to justify its crimes against the Palestinians is less and less effective. In the 1960s very few Jews dared to oppose Israel’s crimes. Those Jews who opposed the state of Israel’s crimes were outcasts.

Not only the settlements in the West Bank, killing and jailing Palestinians are the reasons for this growing distance but the statements of the Israeli government. 

In August last year: “Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has said he will not allow a Palestinian state to be created under his watch, in an interview ahead of his meeting with US President Joe Biden… In an interview with The New York Times published late on Tuesday, Bennett said he would expand existing illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.” This government will neither annex nor form a Palestinian state, everyone gets that,” Bennett said” [iii]

Gantz, the war minister of the Zionist state, told the Munich Security Conference on Sunday “In the future, Palestinians will have an entity, but not a full-fledged state“[iv]. In other words, he speaks about a Bantustan. 

The second point is Nachman Shai’s statement is a classic Anti-Semantic that could be taken from the protocols of the elders of Zion.  

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the most notorious and widely distributed anti-Semitic publication of modern times. Its lies about Jews, which have been repeatedly discredited, continue to circulate today, especially on the Internet. The individuals and groups who have used the Protocols are all linked by a common purpose: to spread hatred of Jews. The Protocols is entirely a work of fiction, intentionally written to blame Jews for a variety of ills. Those who distribute it claim that it documents a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. The conspiracy and its alleged leaders, the so-called Elders of Zion, never existed. In 1903, portions of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were serialized in a Russian newspaper, Znamya (The Banner). The version of the Protocols that has endured and has been translated into dozens of languages, however, was first published in Russia in 1905 as an appendix to The Great in the Small: The Coming of the Antichrist and the Rule of Satan on Earth, by Russian writer and mystic Sergei Nilus.” [v]

According to Nachman Shai’s statement, the American Jews control the USA. 

The third point is that the recognition of the Zionist state as an apartheid state does not lead to the solution that is a red and free Palestine from the river to the sea. Such recognition can still lead to the false and reformist conclusion that the solution is two states. The Zionist state in 80% of Palestine officially today.

Down with the Zionist Anti-Semitism!

Down with the Zionist apartheid state!

For a Palestine red and free from the River to the Sea!







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