Down with the Zionist Warmongers!

Yossi Schwartz, ISL the RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 15.12.2021

The Zionist apartheid state that wants to attack Iran’s nuclear sites is very frustrated with the unwillingness of the American imperialists to join this war against Iran at least for now. The war criminals in Jerusalem understand that Israel by itself cannot attack Iran without the backing of the USA. The Zionist government requested to speed up the delivery of the two US Air Force tankers the KC-46A which is scheduled to be delivered in 2023-2024. Israel war Minister Benny Gantz in his visit to Washington has failed in his attempts to convince the US to deliver the tankers ahead of this schedule.

At the same time, while the US and its European partners are negotiating with Iran about a new nuclear deal, officials in Israel have been saying for months that no agreement will be signed and that Israel will act, with or without American consent, and is preparing for war.

The Zionists are worried that Biden’s refusal to take military actions indicates that Biden wants to do with Iran what he did with Afghanistan when US imperialists lost the war – make a deal and get out from the Middle East.

Indeed, the US imperialists are focusing on their conflicts with Russia and China rather than on the Middle East.

This means that Israel, which wants to rely on support from the UAE to join a war against Iran, is disappointed as the UAE is intensifying its relations with Iran.

 “Their meeting marked a big step toward the rapprochement between the two countries, after years of caution by the Emiratis, who view Iran as a national security threat”…”. Like Alshareef and the Israeli diplomatic source, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs president Dore Gold said the Emiratis are probably trying to place themselves in a position of greater neutrality so they won’t be targeted by Iran.” [i]

In its frustration, the Zionist air force attacked targets in Syria. On June 8 Zionist warplanes fired missiles at three military targets near the cities of Damascus and Homs, killing seven soldiers, including a colonel. Until June 8 the apartheid state attacked only targeted pro -Iranian forces and arms shipments to Hezbollah. The June 8 strike was aimed at Syrian military facilities. According to Israel, the new targets are connected with Syria’s former chemical weapons program. Israel claims that Syria intends to restart its production of deadly nerve agents. [ii]

It is not a secret that Israel produces biological weapons that were used already in 1948 against the Palestinians.

In April 1948, before the state declared its independence, future prime minister David Ben-Gurion, according to Michael Keren’s “Ben-Gurion and the Intellectuals,” instructed a Jewish Agency official in Europe to seek out Jewish scientists who could “either increase the capacity to kill masses or to cure masses;…. I spoke to the company commander from Battalion 21 of the Carmel Brigade, who poured the stuff into the water supply,” said military historian Uri Milstein in a phone interview. Milstein, said the material had been delivered to the battalion by Moshe Dayan, and that the container had been filled with the typhus bacterium. “Apparently, or rather more than apparently, wells were poisoned too to stop villagers from returning to villages,” he added.” [iii]

After the war, HEMED BEIT relocated to a building in an orange grove just outside Ness Ziona, where it has remained. Today it is called the Israel Institute for Biological Research, “a governmental, applied research institute specializing in the fields of biology, medicinal chemistry and environmental sciences.” [iv]

Meanwhile Iran released a map of targets for a strike against Israel in case of a war. It covers most of the apartheid state.

So, for a while, we can expect Israel to murder Iranian scientists sabotage some targets in Iran, attack Syria and kill more Palestinians.

Harel has the good reporter’s concern for specifics and a healthy disdain for euphemism. What the Times article called “sabotage operations” against Iran turn out to be “assassinations of nuclear scientists, explosions at nuclear sites, cyber-attacks, attacks on Iranian ships, extensive airstrikes against pro-Iranian militias in Syria, and a systematic assault on convoys smuggling arms from Iran to Hezbollah” [v[

Under the government of Bennett, the settlers have increased their attacks on the Palestinian falhins (farmers) by 50%. In response to Bar-Lev the minister of police who discussed with US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland on the growing violence of the settlers the far-right Prime Minister of Israel Bennett said:

 Settlers in Judea and Samaria have suffered daily from violence and terrorism for decades,” Bennett tweeted, remaining silent about Bar-Lev. “They serve as a protective wall for all of us and we must protect them in word and a deed.”

A growing number of people around the world, even some in Israel, understand the nature of the imperialist state of the settler colonialists.

Haaretz’ publisher Shoken says:

The product of Zionism, the State of Israel, is not a Jewish and democratic state but has instead become an apartheid state, plain and simple” [vi]

Down with the Zionist Warmongers!

Israel hands off Iran!

Down with the Zionist apartheid state!

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!





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