Austria: Tens of Thousands march in Solidarity with Palestine

Report with Pictures and Videos of the RKOB (Austrian section of the RCIT) on the demonstration in Vienna on 20.7.2014,  and

On 20 July Vienna saw the biggest mass demonstration for Palestine in Austria’s history. Between 20 and 30.000 people marched through the streets of Vienna and expressed their outrage about Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. Most participants were Turkish migrants but many came also from the Palestinian, Egyptian, Syrian, Bosnian and Albanian community.

As usual the Austrian left preferred to boycott this pro-Palestine action which reflects their capitulation to the pro-Zionist stand of the bourgeois establishment as well as amongst the top of the labor movement. It also reflects their infection of Islamophobic prejudices against Muslim migrants.

The Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RCIT-Section in Austria) and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION supported the demonstration and participated with a large and militant contingent. (See pictures and videos). Many participants were interested in our publications including the new edition of our monthly paper LIBERATION (which has a focus on Palestine) and a new pamphlet on the Gaza war. All in all we sold more than 100 copies.

Below we summarize again the position of the RKO LIBERATION  and RED*REVOLUTION on the Gaza war.

RKO LIBERATION and RED*REVOLUTION stand for an internationalist and socialist perspective in support for the Palestinian liberation struggle. We stand for the victory of the Palestinian resistance and the destruction of the imperialist apartheid state of Israel. We stand for the right of return of all Palestinian refugees. Together with our comrades in Israel / Occupied Palestine, we stand for a free and red Palestine in which all Palestinians and all those Israeli Jews, who accept the abolition of apartheid, could live together peacefully. We support the liberation struggles of the workers and peasants in Syria against the Assad dictatorship and in Egypt against the military regime of General Sisi. We stand for a socialist federation of the Middle East.

Pictures and videos of the demonstration  speeches at the rally can be found at on the RKOB website:

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