PETITION: Jews Say: End the War on Gaza — No Aid to Apartheid Israel! BDS!

Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, July 22, 2014,

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Introduction by the RCIT and the ISL:

Below we reprint a very progressive statement initiated by the Jews for Palestinian Right of Return. Our comrade Yossi Schwartz, a well-know, lifelong communist and Anti-Zionist, and key representative of the Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT-Section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), was among the initial signers of this petition. The statement justly condemns the reactionary Israeli war against the Palestinian people in Gaza as well as the Apartheid regime in the whole of historic Palestine. In addition, the signers of the petition support the international boycott campaign against Israel. As the statement is limited to radical democratic demands, it does not include the goal for which the RCIT and the ISL are fighting: a Democratic, Palestinian, Multinational and Socialist Workers and Fallahin Republic from the River to the Sea; in other words, a Free, Red Palestine. Nevertheless, this limitation does not negate the very progressive nature of this petition which constitutes a powerful tool against the reactionary myth spread by the Israeli state and its international supporters, i.e., that Israel represents the interests of all Jews and all who oppose the Israeli state are therefore “Anti-Semites.” The RCIT and the ISL urge Jews in Israel / Occupied Palestine and around the world to sign this petition.

Note: The statement was initially signed by 200 individuals and received more than 1,500 additional signatures in only two day!


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