Havat Sheba and Kfar Shuba belong to Lebanon!

Yossi Schwartz, ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 06.02.2024

The Zionists are threatening Lebanon that unless Hezbollah will retreat to south of the Litani river Israel will continue with the attacks on Lebanon even if a ceasefire with Hamas will begin.

When we speak of Israel and Lebanon, we should keep in mind the massacre of the Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Shatila that Israel aided the Falange, called after Franco fascist forces in Spain, to murder. However, we should remember as well that Israel that occupied south Lebanon in 1982 ran away in the middle of the night in 2000.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Abu Habib stated today (Tuesday) that his country rejects Hezbollah’s return to the Litani River, as this would lead to a renewal of the war. Abu Habib added in an interview with the local Lebanese newspaper “Nidaa al-Watan”, that Lebanon will not accept anything other than a complete solution to the border issue with Israel. According to him, Lebanon insists on the “liberation of Havat Sheba and Kfar Shuba” in the Mount Dov area. He also stated that Lebanon will not accept half solutions that will not guarantee stability: “The Lebanese army does not have enough capacity to deploy along the border“, he said because the army suffers from a lack of equipment.

This statement was pronounced against the messages from the US that it is not possible to discuss the Mount Dov area, since Israel claims that it is Syrian territory that Israel has taken over. Israel and the US do not ask Syria to whom this territory belongs. Before his visit to Lebanon, the US envoy to the Middle East, Amos Hochstein, stated that he does not have a mandate to discuss the disputed areas in Mount Dov.

The American imperialists that claim that the US is acting to prevent a regional war in reality is pushing for a regional war with Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and for the continuation of the genocide of the Palestinians

Kick out the Imperialists from the region!

Havat Sheba and Kfar Shuba belong to Lebanon!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

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