How do the Zionist and its Western imperialists think that police works?

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Palestine, 20.10.2023

Palestinian officials in the besieged Gaza Strip blamed an Israeli strike for the explosion at al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, while the Israeli army said it was caused by an errant rocket fired by the armed group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which denied the assertion. Israel’s ally and partner in crime the United States has also put the blame on Palestinian fighters, while Arab states have blamed Israel. Palestinian officials blamed an Israeli airstrike for the explosion that Gaza’s health ministry said on Wednesday had killed 471 Palestinians and wounded 314 others by the Zionist war criminal.

This information is dangerous for Israel and the Western imperialists that support it. So, what can they do? First of all, they have to support the Zionist lie. To understand how it works we should begin with the fabrication by the Zionist propaganda. The Israeli bombs were dropped in the Hospital compound in the center of the Hospital. So, instead of showing the real compound the Zionist army shows a picture of another place, the parking lot of the hospital. Such a distortion of the facts is not difficult to fabricate as in both places, cars were parked.

“The Israeli military has reiterated its accusation that the Islamic Jihad Movement was responsible for Tuesday’s explosion at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in northern Gaza, resulting in hundreds of people killed and many more injured.”We confirm that it was a failed rocket launched by the Islamic Jihad,” Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Haggari told a news conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, referring to a group separate from Hamas, the Palestinian group Israel has vowed to eradicate, but one sharing similar goals. Haggari claimed that “the damage analysis at the hospital, based on our aerial images, indicates that there was no direct hit on the hospital itself, and the only damage occurred outside the hospital in the car garage” [1]

The Israeli pictures showing a small cavity in the ground

A view shows an area of Al Ahli Arab Hospital where hundreds of Palestinians were killed in a blast. The blast area was relatively small but occurred in a courtyard packed with Palestinian civilians. [2]

As you can see it is not the same place as no cavity in the ground can be seen in the picture of the bombed compound. Now comes the second stage of the fabrication. Based on the pictures of the Zionist army expert says that the cavity could not have been formed by the bombs of Israel.

The next stage is to claim that the number of the dead and injured people is much smaller as some people using their brain may realize that the rackets and missiles of the Islamic Jihad may kill or wound a small number of people, not hundreds. The fourth stage is to compel the mass media like the BBC after the British PM visit to Israel to retract its account that the hospital was bombed by Israel.

From now on anyone who will say that Israel bombed the hospital may be silenced, arrested and charged with Anti-Semitism. But Israel’s appetite for killing Palestinians is very big and it bombed the Baptist church Saint Porphyrius church in Gaza in the same way it killed hundreds of people in the Al Ahli hospital. This is a real problem for the Zionists and their friends. What to do?

Don’t think for a moment they will not find a solution and the solution is simply not to report this bombing or at least to delay the news story with the hope that other bigger events will catch the attention of the readers or viewers. After all they can count on the short memory of the majority of people when it comes to the news.

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



[2] Picture by Mohammed Al-Masri/Reuter

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