If you tell the truth, you are in trouble in the Zionist state

Yossi Schwartz, ISL – RCIT Section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 13.03.2024

MK Sharan Hashakal demanded clarifications from the Hebrew University following the statements of a criminology and social work expert and a senior lecturer. In the interview, the professor denied the murder of the babies and the rape committed by Hamas and said that these were lies invented by the state to “justify the genocide in Gaza”.

MK Sharan Hashakal addressed a letter this morning (Tuesday) to the Ministry of Education, the Council for Higher Education, and the management of the Hebrew University, following the statements of Professor Nadira Shalhoub-Kyvorkian, an expert in criminology. Hashakal called for them to consider firing Shalhoub-Kyvorkian from her position.

“Her words, calling the citizens of Israel ‘criminals’ and claiming that they ‘should be afraid’ arouse great concern and constitute a serious violation of ethical and professional norms on which the academic community is based,” Hashakal wrote[i]

Professor Nadira Shalhoub-Kyvorkian was suspended by the Hebrew University. This institution declared on October 9 last year: Jerusalem, October 9, 2023] – In the face of the horrific terrorist attacks in Israel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem reaffirms its steadfast dedication to supporting the civilian population, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and the security forces during this challenging time. As an institution of higher learning deeply rooted in Israel’s values and history, we are resolutely committed to making a positive impact on our society, fostering unity, and extending our unwavering assistance to our community”.[ii]

The Zionists and their other imperialist friends, claim that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Yet anyone who opens her/his mouth and says the truth about the Zionist lies may lose his place of work, expelled from high education institutes, or worse. This so-called democracy based on theft, committing ethnic cleansing and genocide is worse than the Apartheid that existed in South Africa.

In an article he wrote for the Guardian newspaper in 2002, Archbishop Desmond Tutu made further comparisons between Israeli and South African Apartheid. At the time, it was controversial to call Israel an “apartheid regime”, though this has now become the consensus of various notable human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch, and including Israel’s own groups such as B’Tselem.

Unknown to many today, Israel was a close partner of South Africa’s former apartheid regime and as a result of this, organizations such as the American Anti-Defamation League (ADL) joined the struggle against activists working towards the collapse of the racist system in South Africa. An investigation in 1993 revealed that the ADL participated in a mass spying operation conducted to surveil anti-Apartheid activists. For 40 years Roy Bullock, an operative for the ADL, conducted espionage and infiltrated anti-Apartheid political groups. Desmond Tutu was notably also spied upon by Bullock.

In a book entitled “The Unspoken Alliance”, on Israel’s relationship with Apartheid South Africa, Sasha Polakow-Suransky wrote that “The ADL also became involved in the Israeli-South African propaganda war in a more covert manner, dispatching Bullock to attend the meetings of US-based anti-apartheid groups, collect their publications, and take down the license plate numbers of leaders’ cars-including visitors such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South African Communist Party leader Chris Rani .In  2014 Archbishop Tutu wrote a comment piece for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, openly calling for an international boycott of Israel. He also spoke at a rally of around 250,000 people that year, in which he condemned Israel’s killing of civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip. In a 2011 interview with Al-Jazeera, Tutu said that the situation endured by the Palestinians is “in many instances worse” than it was in Apartheid South Africa.”[iii]

While the Apartheid regime in South Africa was under boycott Israel sold South African products under the label “Made in Israel”. Most Likely Israel and South Africa conducted the nuclear test in September 1979. According to the daily Haaretz there was an experts committee to find out whether there was such a test. “Most of the examination team assumed there had been a joint Israeli-South African test. Another intelligence assessment said it was solely an Israeli test. A third assessment, published at the time, said that even if it was not a joint test, scientists of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission and of the nuclear reactor in Dimona, had been aboard one of the escort ships during the test and examined the results. On February 20, 1980, the CBS TV network broadcast an item about the test, saying the two states had carried it out and reported the American administration was looking into it”.

Down with the apartheid Zionist state!

Pigs hands off Nadira Shalhoub-Kyvorkian!



[ii] https://en.huji.ac.il/news/hebrew-university-jerusalem-demonstrates-unwavering-commitment-amidst-terrorist

[iii] https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/2009-08-02/ty-article/did-israel-play-a-role-in-1979-south-africa-nuclear-test/0000017f-e88c-dc7e-adff-f8adaece0000

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