Victory to the 3rd Intifda!

We have been waiting for too long! The 3rd Intifada is here!

A general strike and a democratic popular mobilization is the key to victory!

Down with the Israeli apartheid’s assault on the Palestinian people!

Fascist murderers – you shall not pass! You shall not escape fierce justice!

Israelis, Arabs and all others – UNITE for democracy, UNITE against apartheid!

Firstly, we call upon the Palestinian political, religious and community leadership to immediately call for a general strike of protest on the basis of the following demands:

1. For the prosecution and jailing for extended prison terms of all the murderers and hate criminals against the Palestinians, including police and army personnel.

2. For the release of all the Palestinian political prisoners, including hundreds of underage teens, whose only crime was to raise their heads in protest against the apartheid policy of the Israeli government.

3. For the immediate cancelation of all demolition decrees against Palestinian families under any and all pretexts.

4. For the removal of all military forces from Palestinian residential areas in the West Bank and a complete halt to Israeli murderous bombings of Gaza.

Secondly, we call upon the Palestinian leadership to use the general strike as a way for the masses to organize popular democratic committees that will do the following:

1. Organize local self-defense contingents, especially in what is commonly referred to as “mixed cities”, against the marauding fascist gangs. Fascism shall not pass!

2. Offer the youth productive venues to express their justified anger and prevent unnecessary violent clashes which lack vision and means to victory. Justice has been on our side for 66 years, but we can also be smart about it.

3. To prepare a new popular political vision for the Palestinian struggle to replace the old, failing and dying “Two States for Two Peoples” vision, in favor of a wide regional struggle to end the divide and conquer apartheid regime and replace it with a state of equal civil rights for all – from the river to the sea.

Thirdly, we call upon the leadership of the Palestinian Authority:

1. To halt the security coordination with Israel immediately, to announce the complete and final demise of the fake peace process, and instead to focus its efforts on uniting the masses in the region – Muslims, Christians, Jews and others, in a joint struggle for democracy and against apartheid from the river to the sea.

2. To call upon the workers and oppressed movements all around the world to express active solidarity with the Palestinian struggle through pressuring Israel from every possible angle – i.e. strikes, boycotts and mass protests.

Signed by the following organizations/individuals:

Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Palestine)

Revolutionary Communist International Tendency

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