ISL statement on weapons halt

ISL – RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 17.5.2024

The decision to halt one delivery of 3500 bombs by the Biden administration is no more than a token and exercise in public relations for the coming presidential elections in November this year.  This token act does not stop the genocide of the Palestinians in Rafah in the southern part of the enclave. In the last seven months, the Zionist army has killed some 35,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip with the blessing of the US which has provided Israel with tons and tons of bombs for the genocide. Biden has stated time and again that Israel is only defending itself against terrorism.

On May 8, US War Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed that the US government has paused a weapons shipment to Israel. However, if some weeks ago Biden said that he will not send weapons for the attack on Rafah, he has already changed his tone and speaks now of not providing weapons for major attacks on Rafah, where an estimated 1.4 million Palestinians, including more than 600,000 children, are currently sheltering after they were pushed to Rafah by Israel. Israel claims that 300,000 left Rafah.

While we welcome the stopping of sending arms to Israel by the Western imperialists, the only road to the end the genocide of the Palestinians by the settler colonialists is the destruction of the Zionist state by the international working class at the head of the masses and in particular by the Arab revolution that to win it. Revolutionary workers’ parties must lead the revolution. While we do not give political support to Hamas, we support it as long it fights the Zionist state.

Israel is the only imperialist state in the Middle East, the front line of Western imperialism. The strategic asset of the West as the leaders of the Zionists refer to the Zionist apartheid state. For this reason, in any war of Israel against the other states in the region and other anti-Zionist movements like Hezbollah and Hamas, we support them in the military aspect. A victory that will smash Israel will release incredible revolutionary energy in the region and beyond. We stand for free Palestine from the river to the sea. A worker’s state ruled by the workers and poor Fellahin. A state. The Palestinians will be able to return, and the Israeli Jews as a minority, will enjoy equal civil rights.

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