Israel is killing not only the people of Gaza but the captured Israelis

Yossi Schwartz, ISL – RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 27.10.2023

The Zionist state that engaged in a genocide of the Gazan by bombing and starvation is killing the captured Israelis as well. Israel claims that Hamas captured 220 people but if it is true then in the real world only 194 are alive as Hamas released four women for humanitarian reasons and the Zionist army killed so far at least 22 of them in the bombing.

Since the Zionist apartheid state refuses to have a cease fire and continues its mass bombing most likely Israel will kill more Israelis, so much for its phony claim that it is concerned with the captured Israelis in Gaza. The reason is clear: a cease-fire is a victory for Hamas. Hamas stated that it will release the Israelis if the Zionist state will stop the genocide.

Senior Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said on Tuesday that the civilians Hamas captured on October 7 would be freed if Israel stopped attacking the Gaza Strip.

“If Netanyahu was keen on their safety, if the Europeans and the Americans are keen on their safety, let them force Israel to stop its aggression, to stop this genocide, these brutal war crimes that are committed every day,” he said. “Let them stop this aggression and you will find the mediators like Qatar and Egypt and some Arab countries and others will find a way to have them released and we’ll send them to their homes.” [1]

While the white house has blocked two resolutions of Russia and of Brazil calling for ceasefire, the blood of the Palestinians and the captured civilians is in the hands of the USA and European imperialists as much as of Israel. Biden is under pressure to criticize the genocide of the Palestinians

“On Wednesday Biden spoke out against attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank in the aftermath of Oct. 7th Biden said the attacks by “extremist settlers” amounted to “pouring gasoline” on the already burning fires in the Middle East.

“It has to stop. They have to be held accountable. It has to stop now,” Biden said at the start of a news conference. According to Palestinian authorities, and human rights groups say settlers have torched cars and attacked several small Bedouin communities, forcing them to evacuate to other areas” [2]

What he has ‘forgotten’ to say is that the Zionist army protects these vandals. Nor did he denounced Israel killing more than 6000 people of Gaza, more than 1 in 3 of whom are children. In 3 weeks, Israel dropped more bombs than the US dropped on Afghanistan in a whole year.

Even the president of France was forced to say that France will send a ship with aid to Gaza. Where Israel allowed a few trucks of aid to deliver about 2% of the need for water, food and medicines. It does not allow gasoline and forces the hospitals to shut down.

For an immediate ceasefire!

Kick out the U.S and the other imperialists!

For a Palestine read and free from the river to the sea!




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