Israel / Occupied Palestine: Trump’s “Peace” Plan

By Adam Smith, Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine), 29 January 2019,

Donald Trump formally announced his “Peace Plan”, or more accurately called, the Bantustan Plan. Regarding the word peace, we should be reminded of Chomsky’s saying:

“To be sure, that concept of “peace process” is too broad. Everyone wants peace, even Hitler and Genghis Khan. The question always is: On what terms? Under whose direction? In our highly disciplined intellectual culture, the answer to those questions is a virtual reflex: On Washington’s terms, and under its direction.”

The plan includes many, many reactionary elements and it is hard to see even a single silver lining for the Palestinians. The plan’s main points are:

* Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

* Israeli Annexation of West Bank Settlements

* Security/Military Control of the West Bank will remain under Israeli hands.

* The possibility of incorporation of majority Palestinian 48’ area into the Palestinian Authority(meaning Israel will no longer have to pay them welfare benefits, etc.)

* Allow for Jewish prayer in Al Haram Al Sharif

* Disarmament of Hamas, the wavering of the Right of Return and stopping the support payments to Palestinians prisoners

On the Israeli side, Israel has two main commitments, the recognition of the Palestinian Authority as a state and a temporary 4 year freeze on settlement growth. For example, only a very limited amount of Palestinian refugees will be given a choice of a refuge in an Arab League country or the so called new State of Palestine.

Do not believe the false promises of economic aid, the people of Iraq can tell you all about them. The formula of economic aid in exchange for disarmament is a current favorite of the Netanyahu government, but the reality is that all the gains Palestinians have gotten are because they chose to resist.

While many analysts dismiss the plan as an election campaigning strategy (for Netanyahu as well as for Trump), it represents the continuous rightward shift of the bourgeoisie in the West, and its dangerous potential should not be downplayed. In addition the lukewarm response of the Palestinian Authority shows its role as a lackey for the U.S. and Israel.

Down with Trump’s Bantustan Plan!

Down with U.S. interference in the Middle East!

For mass protests against the Zionist Regime and the recent “Peace Plan”!

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