Netanyahu and Gallant are determined to open a regional war

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 08.07.2024

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will agree to a deal with Hamas only if the group decides on its condition to resume fighting in Gaza, as Defense Minister Yoav Gallant insists on continuing fighting with Lebanon’s Hezbollah even if a truce agreement is reached in Gaza.”[i]

Now, we can expect Biden, the liar who suffers from dementia, to blame Hamas for refusing to agree to the great generous deal that Israel is offering, and he will send more bombs for the genocide not only of the Palestinians but of the Lebanese. We can also expect that the protest movement in Israel will demand first to make a deal that will release the Israeli captives and then to continue the war but better with another right-wing government. Many of them understand that Netanyahu’s government does not want a ceasefire and the release of the Captives, as the New York Times writes:

“After 9 Months of War, Israelis Call for a Cease-Fire Deal and Elections

A day of nationwide anti-government protests comes amid signs of progress toward a truce and hostage deal with Hamas, as well as continued fighting.

Israelis on Sunday marked nine months since the devastating Hamas-led attack of Oct. 7 and the start of the ensuing war in Gaza with a nationwide day of anti-government protests at a time that many here view as a pivotal juncture in the conflict.

Primarily calling for a cease-fire deal with Hamas that would see hostages return from captivity and for new elections in Israel, protesters brought traffic to a standstill at several major intersections in cities and on highways across the country. Much of central Tel Aviv was blocked in one of the biggest protests in months. Some progress has been made in recent days for a resumption of negotiations toward a tentative deal after weeks of an impasse, even as the fighting continues in Gaza, where an Israeli strike hit in the area of a U.N. school on Saturday, and across Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

But many Israelis, among them the families of some of the hostages, fear that the cease-fire efforts could be torpedoed not only by Hamas but also by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, who, they say, might prioritize the survival of his government over a deal that could topple it.

The leaders of two ultranationalist parties who are key elements of Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition have threatened to bring the government down if the prime minister agrees to a deal before Hamas is fully destroyed — a goal that many officials and experts consider unattainable far-right parties in the governing coalition “don’t want a deal,” Shikma Bressler, a protest leader, said in a social media post early Sunday, adding, “They need Armageddon.”[ii]

The problem with the Anti-Netanyahu government is that this protest movement is not against a war on the Palestinians but against the failing government to win it.

“Many observers feel most Israelis agree with Netanyahu’s approach.Former Associated Press editor Dan Perry wrote on the US website The Forward, which has a predominantly Jewish audience that there is little chance Netanyahu will face enough internal pressure from within the government to consider resigning so long as Netanyahu’s war goals include the “eradication of Hamas. Netanyahu’s politics resonate with most Israelis, former Knesset member and Atlantic Council fellow Ksenia Svetlova wrote in March, citing a poll by an Israeli newspaper in which 81.5 percent of respondents said they believed military pressure on Hamas was the best way to release the captives”.[iii]

For the Palestinians and the Lebanese to live, Israel must be destroyed!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!





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