No to the Zionist and US imperialists’ cheating, for the actual end of the war

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 12.06.2024

If Netanyahu and Biden believed that the leaders of Hamas were stupid and that they could formulate an agreement that would presumably lead to the end of the war but, in reality, would allow Israel to continue with the genocide. In that case, they have been proven wrong by Hamas’ comments on the agreement that would lead to the end of the war.

The Lebanese newspaper “Al-Akhbar” reported this morning (Wednesday) on new details of the answer, delivered by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to the proposal for an agreement on the release of hostages and a ceasefire. Yesterday, the organizations confirmed that they had given their word to the Qatari and Egyptian mediators while prioritizing a full ceasefire and withdrawal from all areas of the Gaza Strip.

In the first comment to the deal, Hamas demanded that on the first day of the first phase of the agreement, there would be a permanent ceasefire between the parties and a withdrawal of the Israeli army from densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip.

In the second comment to the deal, Hamas demanded that the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Saleh al-Din and Rashid streets begin and that all military installations along the Netzer axis be dismantled at the same time as the withdrawal from the entire Philadelphia axis. Also, the Rafah crossing to be definitively evacuated. These two withdrawals must be completed by the seventh day of the first phase; Hamas also demanded that in the first phase, Hamas would hand over 33 Israeli hostages, living and dead, and release three of them every three days.

In another comment to the Israeli outline of the deal, Hamas rejected any precondition regarding the Palestinian security prisoners (which it would demand to be released), especially regarding their exile. Hamas adheres to the principle of the seniority of the prisoners in the issue of release. Also, as part of the fifth comment to the outline, it is required that at the end of the first phase, there should be a complete withdrawal from the entire Gaza Strip and that there should not be a single soldier inside the Gaza Strip. This is the time to double the pressure on the US bloody imperialists and the Zionist monster to end the war, which will be a victory for the Palestinians.

Down with American imperialism!

Down with the Zionist monster.

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

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