On the latest terror attacks

A statement of the ISL, RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 08.04.2022

On April 7, 28-year-old Ra’ad Fathi Zaydan from Jenin refugee camp shot 14 Israelis and killed two, in Tel Aviv and was killed by the Zionist armed forces. This was an act of individual terror by an oppressed Palestinian. We define it as terrorist act because the targets were civilians.

There are many types of terror; individual terror and state terror, left-wing and right-wing terror, white terror and red terror. This was an individual terror. We do not see the Israelis who were shot as innocents. The only innocent Israelis are those who do not serve in the Zionist armed forces and oppose the repression of the Palestinians and under the existing condition they are only a small minority.

Nevertheless, while we are unconditionally on the side of the oppressed Palestinians, we oppose the method of individual terror of the oppressed in the struggle for liberation for two reasons: It teaches the Palestinians to rely on heroes who are ready to die for the national liberation (Shaides) rather on the mass struggle, and it gives the Zionist government an excuse to increase the state terror against the Palestinians and the level of chauvinism.

There are several reasons for this terrorist attack. First, the historical repression of the Palestinians, we should remember not only the Nakaba that turned 750,000 Palestinians to refugees but also the Massacre of Jenin in 2002. Secondly, the Zionist provocations: letting settler to enter the compound of al Aqsa Mosque. The fascist Ben Gevir was protected by the police during his visit to the compound of the mosques. Thirdly, the visit of FM Lapid to the Damascus gate to show the Palestinians who is the master. Fourth, the reformist politics of the ‘left Zionists’, and of the Stalinists party of Israel that support the so-called two state solution, an imperialist plan which allows Israel to expand the settlements in the West Bank, while outsourcing the suppression services to the PA. Fifth, the violence of the settlers protected by the army against the Palestinians and finally, the weakness of the revolutionary forces.

The Israeli state terror and the lack of Israelis who struggle against the repression of the Palestinians are the culprit and responsible for the individual terror and as long the repression will continue there will be acts of terror. The only solution is a socialist revolution that will replace the Zionist apartheid state with Palestine red and free from the river to the sea as part of the Arab Revolution. For this a revolutionary leadership must be built.

For a Free and Red Palestine!

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