Palestine, Tel Motza, and the Zionist Myths

By Yossi Schwartz the ISL- the RCIT section In Israel (Occupied Palestine), 16.9.2021

The Zionist state has not Broken the Will of the Palestinians to Fight the Oppression

The escape of the six political prisoners from the Gilboa jail, and even the catching of four of them, not only did not break the will of the Palestinian masses to struggle against their systematic repression but has shown the brutal nature of the Zionist army and police. After Zakaria Zubeidi was caught by the police, they abused him physically so badly that he was sent to a hospital. In a collective punishment, they arrested relatives of the escaped prisoners and in the Zionist prisons, and they have canceled rights like family visits.  

These cruelties have not broken the Palestinian resistance even in East Jerusalem where the Al Aqsa Mosque the fourth holiest place for the Muslims is defended by the Palestinians. “Two Israeli men were moderately injured in a stabbing attack at a store next to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station in Jerusalem on Monday”[1]

“Rocket sirens went off in the Gaza border area communities of Kissufim and Ein Hashlosha after the rocket was fired and was intercepted by Iron Dome, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. That rocket marked four days in a row that rockets were fired from the enclave into Israel, and the fifth rocket fired since the conclusion of Operation Guardians of the Wall in May”[2].

Nor did it stop the solidarity of Anti-Zionists in places like the USA

“WASHINGTON, Monday, September 13, 2021 (WAFA) – Protesters rallied in cities across the United States in support of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jailsIn Washington, protesters held a sit-in in front of the Israeli embassy to show their support and solidarity for the six freedom fighters who broke out of Israel’s highly-fortified Gilboa prison last week after they reportedly managed to escape through a tunnel that they dug with spoons“.[3]

The Zionist myths

There are still many people with Jewish or Christian backgrounds who believe that the Israelis are the Jews who return to the promised land that they were exiled from some 2000 years ago. If you do not believe this ultra-nationalist myth and you say so, you are going to be accused of Anti-Semitism by the Zionists and their other imperialist friends. In the real world, the Zionist movement is a movement of European settler colonialists that stole Palestine.

To understand this simple truth, you may ask yourself simple questions like are the Italians of today the same people as the Roman? The obvious answer is no! They do not even speak the same language.

“After the fall of the Roman empire in the west in AD 476, Latin evolved into a wide variety of regional dialects now known as Romance vernaculars. In the early 14th century, the Florentine poet Dante Alighieri reckoned that more than 1,000 such dialects were spoken in Italy. At the time of Dante, Latin was still used in literature, philosophy, medicine, and other cultural or legal written documents. Dialects were spoken but also used in writing: the earliest examples of vernacular writing in Italy date from the ninth century.

The early 16th century saw the dialect used by Dante in his work replace Latin as the language of culture. We can thus say that modern Italian descends from 14th-century literary Florentine. Italy did not become a single nation until 1861, at which time less than 10 percent of its citizens spoke the national language, Italian[4].

Yet the fascist Mussolini claimed that the Italians are the Roman:” The myth of Rome was used by Mussolini, with a multiplicity of positive references, even before the fascist movement became a party. It was clear from the beginning that the model of behavior that was propounded to the fascist militants should be adopted, in perspective, by the whole society. The adoption of Roman symbols and rites, such as the fascia littorio, the salute with the outstretched hand, and the rhythmical march, made it possible to effectively qualify a fascist specialty, but presenting it, at the same time, as a specificity of the nation.”[5]

There is not a world Jewish nation and Jews around the world do not speak the same language. In Israel, the Supreme Court ruled that there is not an Israeli nation.

“Residents cannot identify themselves as Israelis in the national registry because the move could have far-reaching consequences for the country’s Jewish character, the Israeli Supreme Court wrote in documents obtained Thursday. The ruling was a response to a demand by 21 Israelis, most of whom are officially registered as Jews, that the court decides whether they can be listed as Israeli in the registry. The group had argued that without a secular Israeli identity, Israeli policies will favor Jews and discriminate against minoritiesIn its 26-page ruling, the court explained that doing so would have “weighty implications” on the State of Israel and could pose a danger to Israel’s founding principle: to be a Jewish state for the Jewish people.”[6]

Archeology in Israel is used to prove that the Jews of this period are the decedents of the ancient Israelites. That the ancient temple built by King Solomon is located in the same place that Al Aqsa mosques exist. That what they call the Western Wall is part of that temple. “Yet, an ancient temple that fits the description of the temple built by King Solomon was discovered in Tel Motza, outside of Jerusalem and from the same period as the First Temple challenges long-held ideas about worship and government in Judea during the Iron Age II period, say archaeologists who recently renewed excavations at Tel Motza. The structure was uncovered in 2012 during rescue digs carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority ahead of roadwork in the area[7]“.

There is no reference in the Bible to two temples that were built by King Solomon, one in Jerusalem and one in Motza. “Tel Moẓa is located approximately 7 km northwest of ancient Jerusalem situated towards the bottom of a slope on a saddle encompassed by springs and expansive agricultural lands, and dominating the gateway to Jerusalem.[8] 

We may deduce that either during the Iron Age II the ancient Israelites had many temples and the one in Jerusalem was one of them, or the real Jewish temple was in Motza. Both possibilities contradict the Zionist myth. In addition, Roman completely destroyed the temple in Jerusalem. “As the fire set by the Romans in 70 AD raged through the sanctuary in the Temple, quantities of silver and gold, which had been placed there for safe-keeping, melted and ran down between the stones. Roman soldiers tore apart the stones to retrieve the gold and silver, literally leaving “not one stone left upon another”… “The Romans painstakingly tried to erase any Jewish vestiges left in the city and rebuilt it into a Roman city they called Aelia Capitolina. They also built a temple to the Roman god Jupiter on the Jewish Temple site“.

Thus nothing was left from the Jewish temple built by King Solomon. The Western Wall cannot be a wall of that temple. Amit Naor the Content Editor at National Library of Israel wrote in 2020: “Those familiar with Jewish sources may be quick to respond by quoting the Midrash: “The Divine Presence has never departed from the Western Wall.” Yet those very knowledgeable people surely know that the Western Wall mentioned by our sages of blessed memory is not the same enormous wall we today call the Western Wall. How then, did the western retaining wall of the Herodian Temple Mount come to be the most prominent national-religious site for Jews around the world?… When the sages wrote of “the Western Wall” (HaKotel HaMa’aravi in Hebrew), they probably were still able to see the remains of the western wall of the actual Temple building itself, in addition to the retaining walls of the Temple Mount plaza. This was an impressive relic that remained standing after the Roman fire. This was the wall closest to the Holy of Holies, and its miraculous survival probably added to the sense of awe and sanctity of the place. According to historical estimates, its final destruction occurred by the end of the seventh century at the latest, when the recently arrived Muslims built the Dome of the Rock on the same site. …. The account of the “Pilgrim of Bordeaux”, who visited in 333 testifies that Jews still ascended the Temple Mount once a year (probably on the 9th of Av), “and wept and mourned over one stone that remained from their Temple and anointed it with oil.” Could this have been the Foundation Stone which sits today inside the Dome of the Rock? In any case, whether for halakhic reasons or due to the objections of various rulers, Jews stopped ascending the mount itself and contented themselves with frequenting adjacent areas.”[9]

Thus the Zionist myth about the Western Wall is contradicted by real history. 

The Zionists were offered by the British imperialists to settle in Kenya(Uganda plan)to guard their railways. Were the Zionists to settle in Uganda no doubt they would “discover” the remaining of the Jewish temple in Nairobi. The 

Dutch Boers who settled in South Africa claim that they are the chosen people and that South Africa is the promised land. The European Protestants who settled in North America claimed that it was the promised land. Settler colonialists need such myths to rationalize their occupation and repression of the native people who have been rubbed by the settler colonialists.

During the British mandate, the Zionists denied that they want to own the Western Wall. The Palestinians were aware of the fact that the Zionist lied. That this was a lie has been proven after the occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967. Not only this but the Zionists are digging under the Mosques which may cause serious damage to the Mosques. “Israeli excavations in Jerusalem are posing an imminent threat to the flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and residents of the holy city, Palestinian experts have warned. “The Israel excavations beneath the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound have been in full swing in the past 60 years,” archaeology professor Jamal Amro told Anadolu Agency. “The diggings, however, have gone under the foundations of the compound in the past 15 years,” he said… Amro said the Israeli excavations have caused cracks in the chapel of women, and the building of the Awqaf Department and the southern and western walls of Al-Aqsa compound as well as the walls of Al-Ashrafieh school, located inside the holy compound..”[10]

History has proven that the Zionists have erased hundreds of Palestinian villages cemeteries and Mosques to hide their ethnic cleansing of 1947-8 and to deny that Palestine is an Arab country robbed by the Zionists.

The Reformists, the Centrists, and the Palestinian Political prisoners

More than one week has passed since the six Palestinian political prisoners escaped, there have been many clashes between the Palestinians and the Zionists repressing forces, and yet the centrists like the IMT, ISA( including their group in Israel), Socialist Action, IBT, the SWP in Britain, the Healites ICFI, all of them calling themselves “Trotskyists” have not written one word on these important events. This is a reflection of their Islamophobia.

Hadash the front of the Stalinist party has called for the release of all political prisoners but at the same time still spreads the illusion of the “two-state solution”, a soft pro-Zionist position.

When Palestine will be liberated, the Zionist lies will be smashed together with the Zionist apartheid state, a new workers’ republic will be established and its nationality will be Palestinian. Jews who will accept the new workers’ state will enjoy equal civilian rights and those who will want to pray at the Western Wall despite their knowledge that the wall is not the ancient temple will be allowed to do so, but the wall will belong to the new state and its arrangement with the Waqf. The Jews will not be allowed to pray in the Al-Aqsa Compound unless they will receive special permission from the Waqf.

Down with the Zionist apartheid from the river to the sea!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

Release all Palestinian political prisoners!

Zionists hands of Al Aqsa!






[5]Andrea Giardina The fascist myth of romanity




[9] Amit Naor ” When and how did Jews begin praying at the Western Wall?” 


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