Petition: No to the Criminal Complaint against Pro‐Palestine Activist Michael Pröbsting!


Several pro‐Israel forces in Austria have laid a criminal complaint against Michael Pröbsting, the International Secretary of the RCIT. This criminal complaint is based on “suspicion of incitement to commit terrorist offenses and approval of terrorist offenses in accordance with Paragraph 282a, Section 2 of the Criminal Code.

Michael is a long‐time solidarity activist and has been a regular speaker at pro‐Palestine demonstrations in Austria since many years.

The criminal complaint is based on a paragraph in the RCIT’s statement from 7 October 2023 which has been distributed as a leaflet at demonstrations: “The RCIT reiterates that as long as the Zionist state exists, the Palestinians will continue suffering from state terrorism! This is why we stand for the socialist perspective of a democratic and red Palestine. We support the struggle for the destruction of the Zionist state and the right to return for all Palestinian refugees.

In consequence of the criminal complaint, Michael was summoned to the headquarters of the police in Vienna where he was asked about his political views on the Gaza War and his political activities. If the public prosecution department opens a court case he could, if convicted, face up to two years in prison.

The criminal complaint against Michael Pröbsting is part of a series of attempts to silence the voices of solidarity with Palestine.

The undersigned organisations – irrespective if they agree with the specific positions outlined in the above‐mentioned quote or not – defend the democratic right of free speech and protest against such attempts to criminalise pro‐Palestine activists.

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