For International Solidarity with the African and Asian Migrant Workers against the Saudi Government!

Against Racism, Islamophobia, Imperialism and Zionism – the Only Solution is Socialist Revolution!

Statement of the Internationalist Socialist League (ISL, Israeli/Palestinian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency), 14.11.2013, and

During the past week, the Saudi government has begun a criminally violent crackdown against African illegal immigrants, mostly from Ethiopia, residing in the poor areas of the Saudi capital Riyadh. So far, at least 3 Ethiopian workers were killed and 68 injured in clashes between the police and migrant workers resisting or protesting their arrest. According to reports from Arab newspapers, about 20.000 migrants have been arrested until now, half of them women. Some reports suggest Saudi civilians armed with knives and iron bars have joined the onslaught, claiming to protect their property from the rioters.[1] [2]

This campaign was started by the government after a 7 month amnesty period, during which all illegal migrant workers were required to either get sponsorship from a local employer or leave the country. Many migrant workers failed to comply with this demand due to bureaucratic obstacles, or refusing to subject themselves to employer extortion in exchange for said sponsorship.

The Internationalist Socialist League (ISL) – the Israeli/Palestinian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) wishes to strongly denounce the reactionary Saudi regime for this criminal attack on African workers, whose only crime was the desire to work and ensure the survival their families back in Africa.

The Saudi regime has been, ever since its inception, a close ally to the interests of the enemies of the Arab working masses in particular and humanity in general, from the British to US imperialism (as of late the Saudis have expressed great discontent over the US’s refusal to launch a strike against Syria, and its overtures towards Iran[3]), Zionism[4] and even the Egyptian Military criminal regime.[5] This is neither its first nor its last crime against the working masses, unless the Arab spring will eventually be turned into a socialist revolution – the only solution to most forms of human oppression.

While Saudi-Arabia is not an imperialist country, it is an extremely rich and parasitic semi-colony which lives from a huge oil-rent and its close relationship with US imperialism. The Saudi capitalist class lives from the super-exploited labor of the migrants: about nine million migrant workers – mostly coming from poorer Arab and African countries as well as from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh – constitute the majority of the labor force in the country.

Under today’s capitalism, migration as a source of cheap labor is a natural and essential part of the super-exploitation of the semi-colonial world by monopoly capitalism. Since the beginning of the crisis-ridden development of capitalism in the early 1970s and then particularly with the onset of globalization, migration has increased substantially.

Revolutionary Communists consider migrant workers a nationally oppressed layer of working class which is super-exploited. An attack against them is an attack against every working man, woman or youth. Therefore, we must all unite in action and do the best that we can to stop this one.

The international workers movement and migrant organization need to build a solidarity campaign with the oppressed migrants in Saudi-Arabia. We are willing to collaborate in action with any individual or group who’s willing to fight for the one or more of the following demands:

* Down with the Saudi campaign of barbarity against our African and Asian working brothers and sisters!

* Full citizenship rights for all immigrants – regardless of what passport they hold and whether they are Saudi citizens or not!

* Immediate legalization of all who are living illegal in Saudi Arabia and the immediate release of all detainees! Immediate removal of all legal sections for right to stay!

* For equal pay for equal work and equality in the workplace! Abolition of all special laws for migrants!

* Forward to an international working class solidarity campaign with our African and Asian migrant brothers and sisters!

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