The genocide and the removal continue

Yossi Schwartz ISL (the RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 05.12.2023

By now two months from the beginning of the war on Gaza the more than half a million Zionist soldiers, a very powerful Airforce using many tons of bombs that the U.S. has provided for the genocide of the Palestinian people, heavy artillery and the Zionist navy have not been able to win against the few tens of thousands Hamas’ fighters even in the north of Gaza that has been completely destroyed. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has found that even orchards, greenhouses, and farmland have been razed due to Israel’s ground invasion in the north of Gaza. These barbaric actions aim at preventing the return to the north of Gaza. This war has exposed the nature of Israel colonialist settlers. Israel has committed a genocide of the Palestinians. 16,000 people, 70% of them children and women were murdered. Israel has murdered 54 Palestinians journalists, bombed and killed 120 UN workers, bombed schools, hospitals mosques, church and ambulances, doctors and other medical staff. Israel also has spread many lies and the masses everywhere including in the imperialist states oppose the Zionist murdering war backed by most of the Western imperialists.

The Zionist mass propaganda is lamenting the failure of Israel to destroy Hamas and the following was published on December 5 in Israel Hayom translated to English

The time for war is running out – it is imperative to use it with full force to complete the objectives

The international hourglass for supporting the war – turned upside down • In Blinken to the War Cabinet: “I don’t think you have months” • On the northern front the achievements are meager • And where has the value of unity in the nation gone? • Snapshot by Ariel Kahana.

60 days since the outbreak of the war and Israel has recorded many achievements: the psychological barrier to land entry into Gaza has been removed, a significant part of Hamas’s military capabilities have been negated, its missile launch capacity has been greatly reduced, huge amounts of weapons have been discovered and taken, many tunnels have been destroyed, a significant part of the abductees have been returned and the fate of Others have been clarified.

On the national security level, one of the two arms of the Iranian pincer movement was smashed by our forces. No less important: we made it clear to ourselves and our enemies that we have the strength to fight, that we are not a paper tiger or a company of cobwebs, but a strong and united people, determined to protect their homeland, whatever the cost.

In all these respects – alongside the great sorrow for the many who were killed and dozens who are still kidnapped – the people of Israel are in a better situation than they were on the eve of the war.

On the positive side, there is also a negative column in the balance sheet. Two months into the genocide committed by Hamas in Otef, Israel still has not broken its joint. The organization has suffered severe blows, but its chain of command is functioning. At his will he fights, at his will he stops fighting. He still manages to launch volleys here and there into the center at round hours. And most importantly – Sinwar did not give up.

No one stood with a stopwatch and determined that within eight and a half weeks Hamas would raise a white flag. But on the other hand, it is not certain that we have eight more weeks to realize this scenario.

The international hourglass has flipped. A publicity problem is developing regarding the extent of the losses and the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. Don’t be misunderstood – no one in the West issues a red card yet. But as Blinken already told the War Cabinet: “I don’t think you have months,” and there are other signs that this is the case” [1]

But in spite of the heroic fighters of Hamas, the fighters cannot stop Israel from committing the genocide and its drive for a new Nakba.  Since the war has resumed Israel is attacking the city of Khan Younis in the south, which was previously designated as a safe area, leading thousands of displaced Palestinians to flee to the city. It is clear that if Israel will not be stopped the Gazan will have only two choices to die or to leave the enclave and it is not clear at all where they can go.

On Friday Israel dropped a map dividing Gaza into “evacuation zones” and asking people to follow their announcements for their safety. However, the maps, which include nearly 2,500 grids, are confusing especially when Israel cuts the internet and electricity.

On Monday, an update with three arrows pointing south was issued. The instruction came the day after the Israeli military said it had expanded its ground operation to all of Gaza, targeting “Hamas centers in all” of the enclave.

At the same time the Zionist war criminals have targeted the cities and towns of Ramallah, Jenin, Silwad, Jaffna, Jalazoun, Qalqilya and Hebron in the West-Bank arresting dozens of people, according to the Palestinian Wafa news agency.

Since October 7th the goons in uniforms arrested more than 3,500 people, the majority are being held without charges by administrative detention. More than 200 have been killed in the West Bank, many of them children. The detainees are suffering from torture and humiliation. The Messer to the Palestinians in the West Bank is the same: leave Palestine or die.

 “Mohammed Cherkaoui, professor of conflict resolution and peacebuilding at George Mason University, said the Israeli government has no interest in talks to end the fighting in Gaza.

The Israelis don’t want to hear about mediation anymore since they have resumed their military campaign,” Cherkaoui told Al Jazeera.What is happening now, since the army of Israel is attacking both northern as well as southern Gaza, amounts to a demographic war,” said Cherkaoui explaining that Palestinians in Gaza have been given a choice by Israel: “Leave or die. They don’t have another option,” [2] he said.

Put an end to the apartheid murdering state!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!




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