The Israeli Government Plays With Fire

A Statement of the Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine), 12 November 2019,

Only a few days after Naftali Bennett, a hard-line nationalist known for calling for more aggressive action in Gaza, was named Israeli defense minister, Israel attacked Gaza. According to Israel the decision was taken before Bennett was nominated to this position.

This morning in a clear provocation against the Palestinians and Syria, the Israeli Air Force bombed a building in the Gaza Strip and killed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader 42 years old Bahaa Abu Al-Ata and his wife in Gaza and another political leader of the Jihad in Damascus, the son of Akram Al-Ajouri. Another man was killed and 12 others were wounded in Gaza in this attack.

The Jihad (Harakat al-Jihad al-Islami al-Filastin) that was formed in 1979 wants to replace Israel by an Islamic state and unlike Hamas it refuses to come to a cease fire agreement with Israel and police the Gazans. It is a radical wing of the Palestinian liberation movement which competes not only with the Palestinian Authority but also with Hamas. It is backed by Iran.

According to a statement by Israel, Bahaa Abu Al-Ata was a “ticking bomb” who was planning “imminent terrorist attacks.” This is unlikely the cause of the killing. The Israeli government is in need of a new bloody war not simply because it serves Netanyahu who will do anything not to sit in prison for his corruption, but because the growing power and influence of Iran and its allies, in a time the USA is withdrawing from the region and Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt of Al Sisi becoming the weak side relative to Iran and its allies. Clearly the plan of Netanyahu to push the USA to fight a war with Israel and its Arab allies has failed.

A regional war is possible IF not now than in the future because Israel cannot tolerate the growing power of Iran and its allies, as it is weakening in its position in the region as the front line of imperialism. It must prove to the other imperialists that it is still the only power in the region they can count on. It is in dire need to prove that Iran cannot support its allies against Israel.

The Jihad released a statement saying: “These terrorist crimes are aggression and a declaration of war on the Palestinian people, and the enemy bears for responsibility for them.” … Secretary-General Ziad al-Nakhala of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad told the Dar al-Hayat Arabic-language news site, “We are going to war. Netanyahu has crossed all the red lines in assassinating Al-Quds Brigades Commander Baha Abu al-Ata. We will respond forcefully.” (*)

The Jihad as well as Hamas leadership blamed Netanyahu for this crime and promised that Israel will pay for it. It has to be seen now whether Hamas will join the battle.

Meanwhile, in retaliation, Israel came under heavy rocket fire. Schools are closed in the south and the central Gush Dan region (Tel Aviv region) and a major highway near the town of Gan Yavne, south of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area was hit.

Temporary Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the attack that has led to a round of military clashes between Israel and the people of Gaza under siege since 2006. This is the first time since 2014 that such a war is possible.

In such a war the ISL – the section of the RCIT in Israel (Occupied Palestine) – will take the position of a revolutionary defeat for imperialist Israel and a revolutionary victory for the other side without giving this side political support.

Israel is not only responsible for many crimes against the Palestinians and the Lebanese but it is a death trap for the Israeli settler colonies.

In a regional war the number of the Iranian and Arab deaths will be high but so will be the number of Israelis. In such a situation many Israelis will run away to other countries. This is already clear as Israelis from the settlements near Gaza are escaping to the North of Israel.

(*) Haaretz: Iran-backed Islamic Jihad Says ‘We Are Going to War’ With Israel After Assassination November 12. 2019

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