The killing of children and the fake propaganda

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel /Occupied Palestine, 17/11/2023

To cover up for its crimes Israel is using various methods. The first one is to deny that the Zionist apartheid state committed the crime and blame Hamas for it. We saw it in the case of the hospital AL Ahli, the case of the female soldier, Noa Marciano, 19, abducted by Hamas fighters on October 7th, and the artillery shooting on Al Shifa Hospital. Another method is fabrication of alleged discussion on the phones. In the case of the murdered babies and premature babies Israel has used a fake nurse to blame Hamas.

A photo released by Dr. Marawan Abu Saada shows prematurely born Palestinian babies in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023. Israel claims Hamas uses the facility for military purposes and has built a vast underground command center below the hospital. This was proven as a lie. Since Israel declared war against Hamas, its forces have moved in on Shifa. In Gaza, a child is killed by Israel every 10 minutes. Since October 7, Israel has killed more than 4,500 children. Now, premature babies at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital are dying because the hospital is out of power after over a month of Israel’s total siege, and so is unable to operate incubators.

In this case Israel is using a new trick.

“On November 11, the official Arabic account run by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a video of a nurse, apparently agitated, talking about Hamas overrunning the al-Shifa Hospital, and taking all the fuel and morphine. She claimed that because Hamas had stolen morphine, she couldn’t use it on a five-year-old with a fracture. The video, which was retweeted thousands of times, was a clear fake. No staff in the vicinity appear to recognize the individual featured, casting doubt on her identity and role. Robert Mackey, a journalist with the research agency Forensic Architecture, spoke to three Doctors Without Borders staff members working at the al-Shifa Hospital, none of whom recognized her. The video was almost comic in its absurdity. The nurse spoke with a non-Palestinian accent, and her dialogue seemed to perfectly echo Israeli military talking points about Hamas stealing all the fuel from hospitals. Moreover, the strategic placement of a Palestinian Health Ministry logo was a contrived attempt to mislead or create a ‘honeytrap’ for open-source intelligence. Adding to the suspicion were the stock audio-sounding bombing effects, and her immaculately clean white coat and perfect makeup, all of which seemed out of place in a supposedly dire setting. The purpose of the video was clear, to blame Hamas for the suffering of children and legitimize the Israeli military’s claims that Hamas is using civilians and children as human shields” [1]

Down with the Zionists baby killers and their fake proofs!

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



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