The Myth of the Jewish Race

Yossi Schwartz, ISL the RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 02.02.2022

The black actress Whoopi Goldberg was suspended from ABC’s “The View” talk show on Tuesday for asserting a day earlier that the Holocaust was “not about race. This is white people doing it to white people, so y’all going to fight amongst yourselves,” Goldberg said at one point” [i]

Goldberg and her “View” co-hosts were discussing the Holocaust after a local school board in Tennessee voted to remove the graphic novel Maus, by Art Spiegelman, from its eighth-grade language arts curriculum. [ii]

Maus is a graphic novel written by a cartoonist, Art Spiegelman. It was first published in 1980 in episodes. Later, it was published as a book in 1991. Its publication reignited a few Jewish arguments about the Holocaust and Nazi barbarism. The novel presents the story of Art’s father, a Holocaust survivor, and his struggles to escape the Nazis. Using different postmodern techniques and depicting the Jews as mice, the Nazis as cats, the Polish as pigs, and the Americans as dogs. Art Spiegelman uses his art to present life in the concentration camps[iii].

So, what next? Are they going to remove Orwell’s the animal’s farm? Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice?

Jewish groups and others were infuriated by Goldberg’s assertions, which they said contradicted the fact that the Nazis killed some 6 million Jews during World War Two based on an anti-Semitic ideology fomented by Adolf Hitler’s that they were an inferior race. [iv]

The 66-year-old Goldberg apologized for her remarks later on Monday during an appearance on “The Late Show,” and again on the next broadcast of “The View” on Tuesday morning.

There is no doubt that the Nazi ideology is racist. Hitler states: “First, the Jews are definitely a race and not a religious community. The Jew himself never classifies himself as a Jewish German, a Jewish Pole, a Jewish American, but only a German, a Polish, an American Jew. From the foreign nations in whose midst he lives the Jew has adopted very little more than their language. A German who is compelled to use French in France, Italian in Italy, Chinese in China, does not thereby become a Frenchman, an Italian, or a Chinese; similarly, a Jew who happens to live among us and is thereby compelled to use the German language cannot be called a German. Even the Mosaic faith, however important for the maintenance of this race, cannot be considered as absolutely decisive in the question of whether or not someone is a Jew. There is hardly a single race whose members belong exclusively to one particular religion.” [v]

In the museum of tolerance, we also find THE FACTS: “Hitler promoted a racial ideology that identified Whites (he called “Aryans”) as superior and everyone else as inferior. Since Jews in Europe were considered White he classified them as a different race– a race of people that he said was not only inferior but “dangerous” and needed to be destroyed. Making them a race in Nazi ideology served to justify their mistreatment. The idea of race, then and now, is based on pseudo-scientific theories from the 18th century suggesting that humans descended from biologically differing groups. Today, science confirms that there is no such thing as the ‘race’ classification. Humans are the same on the inside with endless differentiation on the outside. It is a made-up political category. If we think of race as skin color mainly, Jews can be found among all so-called races and share the same wide variety of physical characteristics. Jews, who are associated by religion and culture, come in all colors and nationalities“.

In a book written by Alain F Corcos: “’The Myth of the Jewish race’ he dealt with the question whether the Jews a race. He spent four years of his youth under the Vichy government, which was the most virulent anti-Semitic regime that had ever ruled France. In its efforts to “cleanse the Jewish dirt” from French society, Vichy devised a broader definition of a Jew than that of the German Nazis. It classified a person with two Jewish grandparents as Jewish, which meant that children of a Jew and non-Jew could face deportation to a death camp. This definition applied to the author’s family because some of his ancestors had practiced the Jewish faith. Soon after its establishment, Vichy required all persons who fit the description to register as Jews. The wisdom and courage of the author’s parents in refusing to register undoubtedly saved the whole family from death.” [vi]

As a trained geneticist, he became convinced that there are not and never were human races. In the last twenty years, an increasing number of anthropologists and biologists have reached the same conclusion. They argue that there is no way to genetically characterize race because no human population has ever been isolated long enough from other populations to avoid “crossbreeding.” The history of the Jews, in particular, supports this thesis. From day one, they had children with non-Jews. Hence, biologically, Jews are not different from non-Jews. [vii[

Uncouthly Whoopi Goldberg believes in the myth that colors of skin separate the human race from different races. From this point of view, the (Ashkenazi) Jews are a white race. But any intelligent Jew knows that Jews are not a race but religious, ethnicity, and different nationalities. However, the United States Census Bureau goes as far as to include six races that it recognizes as living within the U.S. and its territories. These are White, Black/African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander. The sixth category is Some Other Race. According to this classification Caucasian/White races include Aryans, Hamites, and Semites.

At the same time, the Zionists accept the myth that the Jews are a race. As Tony Greenstein wrote: “what else is the myth of Jewish nationhood other than a racial one? Given that Jews are members of every nation on the Earth and speak most languages, what else but race binds them according to Zionist folklore?… Since the creation of Israel, the Orthodox rabbinate has had exclusive control over the question of who is a Jew. All personal matters, from birth to marriage to death, are in the hands of its representatives; Reform Rabbis do not get a look in. Why? Because Israel is a state based on the concept of the Jewish “race”, in the same way in South Africa or Nazi Germany it was necessary to define who was part of the white or Aryan race” [viii]

Thus, the attack on Whoopi Goldberg that considers the (Ashkenazi) Jews part of the white race is a reflection of the racist outlook, not a scientific outlook. This outlook is very dangerous for the Jews as it supports the worst form of Anti-Semitism.

The main fault of Whoopi Goldberg’s statement is that the Jewish Holocaust is a problem for the whites. All genocides are the problem with the class society and in the epoch of decaying capitalism of the human race.

Down with all racist ideologies!

Down with racist Zionism!



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