The new lies of the Zionists

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 20.02.2024

If you are a Zionist chances are that you believe that the entire world is pro terrorist and Anti-Semite and probably Nazis. That all the Palestinians regardless of age and sex are terrorists deserve to die and that those who were not killed should be expelled to the Sinai Peninsula.

On the other hand, if you are anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist or against an apartheid state and the genocide of the native people chances are that you think that the actions of Israel are like the Nazis.

Let us begin with a fresh example. UN Relief Chief Martin Griffiths told a representative from Sky News that he did not consider Hamas to be a terrorist group.

“Asked about the feasibility of Israel’s military goal to eliminate Hamas and disallow the terrorist group from having any governing say in Gaza, Griffiths responded “Hamas is not a terrorist group for us, as you know, it is a political movement. But I think it is very difficult to dislodge these groups without a negotiated solution; which includes their aspirations” [1]

This statement was enough for Israel to denounce him as a supporter of terror. Terror however, is acting against uninvolved civilians. The Israeli captives are not innocent uninvolved with the military activity. Not only do they live on the lands of the refugees in Gaza but they live in settlements guarding the border from the refugees who want to return. Like the Americans settlers that guarded against the native Indians whose lands were stolen by the white settlers.

“Elyon Levy condemned the comments by Griffiths, posting on X that “Martin Griffiths, @UNReliefChief, denies Hamas is a terrorist organization. No wonder he is abusing his power to save Hamas’ skin after the deadliest terror attack since 9/11 instead of demanding its surrender.

The response by Israel’s national spokesperson and Israel comes amid fracturing relations between Israel and the UN. The United Nations’ UNRWA is currently being investigated after staff were said to have involvement in Hamas’s October 7 terror attacks” [2]

More recently, the Zionist state alleged it discovered a Hamas tunnel below the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza. It is part of the Zionist campaign to close UNRWA that provides education and food to the refugees living in Gaza. However, since the tunnels exist in the entire enclave the Zionists came with another allegation that 12 UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees) employees participated in Hamas’s 7 October attack. Western governments rushed to freeze funding to the organization—including Australia, the US, Germany, the UK and Canada.

Israel made the allegations in a confidential six-page dossier sent to UNRWA donors the same day the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that its conduct plausibly constitutes genocide. In just over a week Israel’s story fell apart. Channel Four in the UK obtained Israel’s dossier and said that it “provides no evidence” for the involvement of UNRWA staff members in the attack” [3]

Asked about the feasibility of Israel’s military goal to eliminate Hamas and disallow the terrorist group from having any governing say in Gaza, Griffiths responded “Hamas is not a terrorist group for us, as you know, it is a political movement. But I think it is very very difficult to dislodge these groups without a negotiated solution; which includes their aspirations.

“I cannot think of an example offhand of a place where a victory through warfare has succeeded against a well-entrenched group, terrorist or otherwise.”

Speaking of Hamas’s October 7 attack, Griffiths said he had “total understanding” of the “trauma” it had caused Israel but that Israel would need to build a relationship with its neighbors regardless.

Griffiths also claimed that the United Nations was struggling to get aid into Gaza and that Palestinians had nowhere safe to evacuate now that Israel had begun operations in Rafah.

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, responded to the commentary.

“The UN’s support for Hamas is finally revealed on live television…The UN Under-Secretary-General claims live that Hamas is ‘not a terrorist organization but a political movement.’ Is the barbaric murder of hundreds of civilians not terrorism?”

The UN’s pro-Hamas stance is finally exposed on live TV. In the words of a UN Under-Secretary-General “Hamas is NOT a terrorist group for us, it’s a political movement.” Is the brutal murder of hundreds of civilians, not terror? Is the systematic rape of women not terror?

By this definition Israel is a super terrorist state.

It is clear to any thinking person that the reason Israel wants to destroy UNRWA is because it stands for the return of the Palestinian refugees of 1948 and 1967.

Then we learned of the cold blood murder of Hind Rajab, who had begged Gaza rescuers to send help after being trapped in the Zionist military fire, along with the bodies of five of her family members. After getting permission from the Zionist army an ambulance with two aid workers came to save her and the Zionist army killed the aid workers and the six year old girl.

To cover up for this crime the Zionists are claiming that the ambulances of the red crescent are saving the lives of Hamas fighters. The Zionist army even shows a picture of an alleged Palestinian ambulance and aid workers helping an injured person. The problem with this picture is that it is not the type of ambulances the red crescent uses. In other words, it was another fabrication of evidence. Similar to the fake nurse.

A digital media and disinformation expert confirmed the falsity of a video in which a woman posing as a nurse claimed that Hamas stole fuel and medicines from the Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The video was posted on the X social media platform on Saturday by the “Open-Source Intel” account and was viewed more than 13 million times before it was eventually deleted.

Marc Owen Jones, an associate professor at Hamad bin Khalifa University in Qatar, said that the woman’s testimony was “clearly staged.”

“I think the best part of this clearly staged video is not the dodgy accent, or the well-lit room despite Hamas apparently stealing all the fuel, or the choice of injury (a fracture), or the neatly packaged IDF talking points, is the stock audio sound effects of bombing,” he said on X.” [4]

Then we are told that the Zionist President Herzog reveals antisemitic book discovered in Gaza home.

Herzog revealed a book that IDF soldiers found in a home in the Alfarkan region of Gaza called “The End of the Jews” written by Hamas co-founder and former PA foreign minister Mahmoud al-Zahar.” [5]

The problem is that the novel “The End of the Jews” was not written by Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar. The book itself contains the name of the author, Mohamad Izzat Alarif.

So, when the PM of Israel and the Zionist army are lying every day, why not the president of Israel and every Zionist?

Then we read in the Jerusalem Post: “An Imam at the Belgian parliament last week began reciting a verse from the Quran that explicitly calls on Muslims to kill and take Jews captive. The Quran excerpt is verse 33:26 from the Al-Ahzab Surah (chapter). It translates to, “And He brought down those from the People of the Book who supported the enemy alliance from their own strongholds, and cast horror into their hearts. You ‘believers’ killed some, and took others captive. Israel’s ambassador to Belgium Idit Rosenzweig commented on X that she is “absolutely horrified” over the incident. “He could have chosen anything else, not a frightening symbolic message to anyone who knows the Quran, straight from the parliament podium… in Brussels’ parliament, a city with 18,000 Jews who are already experiencing increased antisemitism and fear.Absolutely horrified to discover that in Brussels Parliament, an invited Muslim preacher chose to recite parts of Surah “Al-Ahzab”, a Surah about a battle between Muslims and Jews. This is a Surah that explicitly (verse 26) calls for the KILLING and TAKING CAPTIVE of Jews!” [6]

While this Zionist article tries to claim that the Quran is calling for the genocide of the Jews, anyone who is familiar with the Al-Ahzab Surah (chapter) knows that this is not a call to kill the Jews but to punish specific Jews, Bani Al-Nadheer that helped the enemy of Mohamad and his supporters in their escape to Madina.

“Then Mohammed first entered Yathrib (Al-Madina Al-Munawwarah), he was counting on the support of its people. One particular ethnic group he thought would give more authority to his prophethood were the Jews because they had the Torah and all the previous Prophets were Jewish.

The Jews were many in Yathrib and its suburbs. There were the Bani Al-Nadheer Jews, the Bani Qaynuqa’ Jews, the Bani Quraytha Jews, and several more. The Jews were rich and successful in their businesses. A great asset to the young Islamic Nation.

At first, Mohammed was trying to befriend the Jews and get them on his side. He insisted that the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) worship the same God [Quran Surah 29:46]. He said that the same God sent down the Torah [Quran Surah 5:48]. He ordered the Muslims to fast Aashoora’ or the Passover [Saheeh Bukhari – 2004]. Even the Qibla (the direction the Muslims face in prayer) was towards Jerusalem – the same direction the Jews faced in prayer [Saheeh Bukhari – 41].

But no matter how hard Mohammed tried to convince them that he is a prophet he just couldn’t. Once he even barged into a Jewish Synagogue in Yathrib (Al-Madina Al-Munawwarah) and said that if only twelve Jews would believe in him then Allah would spare them his wrath [Musnad Ahmad – 23464].

When he realized that the Jews wouldn’t believe in him, and that their unbelief would turn against him, because they have the Torah which has the criteria for any prophet, he realized that they should be eliminated. So at first he switched the Qibla (the direction the Muslims face in prayer) from Jerusalem to Mecca [Quran Surah 2:144 and Saheeh Bukhari – 41]. Then warned them; they either become Muslims and be safe, or sell their possessions and leave their land [Saheeh Muslim – 1765 & 1767 and Sunan Abi Dawood – 3003]” [7]

“Mohammed marched towards the Jews in order to either exile them or make a treaty with them. The Bani Al-Nadheer Jews refused to make a treaty with Mohammed so they fought against him, lost, and subsequently were exiled. The Bani Quraytha Jews saw the fate of their Bani Al-Nadheer brethren so they had no choice but to make a peace treaty with him [Saheeh Muslim – 1766 and Sunan Abi Dawood – 3004].” [8]

Thus, for many Zionists deceitful, committing genocide, rape and robbery or at least supporting these crimes and at the same time accusing others of these crimes is a way of life. While Jews can live in Palestine there is no place for Israel in Palestine.

Down with the Zionist apartheid and its lies!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!







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