The New Nakba dressed up as a humanitarian gesture

Yossi Schwartz ISL the RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 14.11.2023

Danny Denon from the Likud and Ram Ben Barak of the alleged center party Yesh Atid published an article In Wall Street Journal calling on the Western imperialists to accept the refugees from Gaza.

“Last month, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for an ‘immediate, durable, and sustained humanitarian truce’ and demanded that all parties allow ‘continuous, sufficient, and unhindered’ provision of essential supplies and services into the Gaza Strip,” the two MKs wrote. “As the war continues, however, UN resolutions are doing nothing tangible to help Gaza’s residents.” [1]

He says the West should accept Gazan refugees who want to leave:

.”Looking at these examples, countries around the world should offer a haven for Gaza residents who seek relocation,” they wrote. “Countries can accomplish this by creating well-structured and internationally coordinated relocation programs. Members of the international community can collaborate to provide one-time financial support packages to Gazans interested in moving to help with relocation costs, to ease refugees’ acclimation to their new communities”

Not surprised by the intention to create a second Nakba of the native Palestinians no one other than the far right Zionist Smotrich praises the initiative to relocate Gaza refugees outside Gaza.

I welcome the initiative of willing relocation of Gaza Arabs to countries worldwide,” he wrote. “This is the right humanitarian solution for the residents of Gaza and the whole area after 75 years of being poor refugees. The majority of Gaza [residents are] fourth and fifth generations from1948 refugees who, instead of being rehabilitated long ago like hundreds of millions of refugees around the world, were held hostage in Gaza in poverty and overcrowding and were a symbol of the desire to destroy the State of Israel and of the refugees’ return to Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, and Tiberias,” Smotrich said his situation has bred hatred for Israel and Jews, “upon which the population in Gaza is raised and educated” and led them to believe that the only solution is the destruction of Israel, he said.” [2]

The small area of the Gaza Strip, which doesn’t have any natural resources or independent sources of income, has no chance of independent, economic, and diplomatic existence having such high [population] density long-term,” he said.”Therefore, the only solution to end the suffering and the pain of Jews and Arabs alike is for countries around the world who truly want what’s good for the refugees to accept them along with support and economic aid from the international community, including the State of Israel” [3]

Thus, in an attempt to whitewash the plan for a second Nakba those ugly bastards have exposed the intention of the Zionists toward the Palestinians to spread them around the world to crush their will to be free in their own country stolen by the Zionists. After the Gazans will come the turn of the Palestinian from the West Bank – unless the Zionists will completely be defeated and those who want to live in Palestine will accept a democratic one state solution.

The Zionist apartheid state will not be defeated by the existing Arab Regimes that denounce Israel by words and do nothing to help the Palestinian as they are afraid from their own shadow not to speak of their fear from the masses. The liberation of the Palestinians will be part of the Arab revolution that will throw out these useless figures. As to Hezbollah, if it will not open a full front today it will have to face Israel alone. The liberation of the Palestinians can be achieved only by the strategy of the Permanent Revolution.

In some ways Hamas won this war in the same way that the rebels of Warsaw Ghetto won against the Nazi army or Spartacus won against Rome. In the books of history Hamas’s brave war will be remembered after Israel will be thrown to the bins of history and as no one remembers the Roman Marcus Crassus (who defeated Spartacus).



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