The new right-wing government has the same politics as the former one!

A statement of the Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine), 21.06.2021,

Last Tuesday, two days after the new right-wing government led by Bennett was formed, the new government permitted the yearly racist flags march in the 1967 occupied East Jerusalem. 5000 extreme right Zionist nationalists protected by the Zionist police marched through parts of Jerusalem’s Old City, with the Zionist flag-waving march chanting racist slogans: “Death to the Arabs“.

On the eve of the March Omer Barlev, the Minister of the Police (Minister of Public Security) of the Zionist Labor party, that in Israel is considered a left-wing party, stated: “The flag march will take place…Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital. In a democracy, you may and it is important to demonstrate and hold marches as long as they follow the law, and the police decide.”[1]

In the real world, the Zionist Labor Party is very similar in nature to South Africa’s Labor party that organized in 1922 the infamous Rand strike of the white mineworkers to pressure both mining firms and the state to back down from the policy of saving on labor costs by employing Blacks in positions that had been reserved for them. This behaviour also returned again in 1969 led by Allan Hendrickse. While formally it opposed the apartheid regime, it opposed the guerrilla struggle of Umkhonto We Sizwe and also opposed the call for international sanctions against South Africa. The party ruled the apartheid regime until 1992, winning 76 of the 80 seats until it was replaced by the National Party of F. W. de Klerk.

During the chauvinist Zionist orgy at least 33 Palestinians were injured in clashes in East Jerusalem and at least 17 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli forces, and dozens more were assaulted and forcibly removed from the Damascus Gate Plaza leading to the Old City.

Mansour Abbas, the leader of the Arab Islamist Raam party that is part of the new coalition, said on Tuesday that the march should have been canceled. He warned that it was “an attempt to ignite the region for political purposes”, which begs the question what the hell is he doing in this government?

The Joint List, that most of its MKs have called on the police to protect the Palestinian citizens of Israel from the armed gangs instead of organizing self-defense squads, once again has shown that they are unable to learn the lesson about the nature of the Zionist Police and the Zionist State. The only thing they did was to appeal to the government to ban the march. As if the new government does not understand what it is doing.

Following the event, Yair Lapid the new Foreign Minister, and the alternative Prime Minister denounced the event saying: “That’s not Judaism, and that’s not being Israeli, and it is certainly not what our flag symbolizes” he wrote on Twitter. What a hypocrite! This statement is part of his job to try and cover up in other countries the real nature of the Zionist settler colonialist society.

In response to the racist event hundreds in the besieged enclave of Gaza rallied against the ‘March of the Flags’. Palestinian fighters have been launching incendiary balloons which are basic devices intended to set fire to farmland and bush near the border with Gaza.

The Zionist air force retaliated with a series of air raids on the Gaza Strip for the second time since a shaky ceasefire ended in May after the 11-day war.

On Friday new clashes broke out between the Zionist Border Police and Muslim worshipers at the Al Aqsa’s Haram Al-Sharif compound. While some youth threw stones, the Border Police used the so-called rubber bullets to oppress the struggle against the Zionist oppression.

Thus, the idiots of the village who believe that the new government led by Bennett whose political position is to the right of Netanyahu will be a different and better government had already their first test proving them wrong.

Down with the new right-wing government!

Down with the right-wing opposition led by Netanyahu!

Organize self -defense – no call for police protection!

The only solution is through the Arab Revolution!

For a free red Palestine from the river to the sea!



* * * * *

We refer reader to a special sub-page on the RCIT website where we have compiled all our documents on the latest Gaza War and the Third Intifada:

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