The two states (no) solution is only in the interest of Western imperialism

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 25.01.2024

The war of Israel on the Palestinians of Gaza and the West-Bank and the heroic struggle of the resistance have brought up the real solution to the suffering of the Palestinians: one democratic state from the river to the sea where the Palestinians including the refugees are the majority and the Israeli Jews minority with equal civil rights. Of this solution not only the Zionists but the Western imperialists and their servants in the region are terrified.

However, history has dialectical laws and the most relevant one is the negation of the negation. Israel has negated the national right of the Palestinians and now the negation of this oppression is the democratic Palestine from the river to the sea ruled by the working class in alliance with the Fellahin.

If in the past the two states no solution seemed as a progress for many people those who keep these days the demand of the two states is far behind the masses who are calling for one Palestinian state from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean). These reformists and centrists will try to push the masses backward to the non-solution of the two states. One imperialist apartheid state on 80% of Palestine and the other a Bantustan on 20%. They will use the fake names of democratic and even socialist to cover up for their service for the imperialists.

That Israel armed with the most advance weapons is important for American imperialism is clear for everyone who follows the news of the war of Israel against the Palestinians as Israel is committing genocide with the support of the U.S.

The Biden administration and the EU are putting some pressure on Netanyahu’s government to allow some form of a Palestinian state. Since there are no free meals in the imperialist world order the obvious question is what is the interest of the Western imperialists in a strong Israel and at the same time some sort of a Palestinian state?

Netanyahu is very much against such a mini state:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeated his opposition to an independent Palestinian state, saying his country needed full security control over the Palestinian territories, rebuffing United States President Joe Biden’s stance on the issue.

‘ I will not compromise on full Israeli security control over the entire area in the west of Jordan – and this is contrary to a Palestinian state,” Netanyahu posted on X late on Saturday night, doubling down his opposition to a Palestinian state a day after speaking to the US president, who has offered unconditional support to Israel in its war on Gaza Strip, in a phone call” [1]

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that Israel is the first line of imperialism in the region. “Hanit is the Hebrew word meaning spearhead. That word explains why Israel is a vital strategic asset not just to Great Britain, but to the West as a whole” [2]

The strategy of Anglo-American and EU imperialists for the Middle East is an alliance between Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia against Iran and its allies. This will weaken Russian and Chinese imperialist positions in the region. However, the local rulers of the so called “moderate” states namely servants of Western imperialism at this time when the Arab masses fully support Hamas in the war are asking for a price in the form of a sort of a Palestinian state to show the masses that they have gained a real achievement by making “Peace” with Israel.

American imperialists want to save Israel in spite of itself. This has been their official position for years. Now that millions are supporting a Palestinian state from the river to the sea it is even more urgent for the interests of American imperialism to establish a Palestinian mini state under the leadership of the PA, a loyal servant to Israel and the U.S.

This theme goes back to the 1970s and was suggested in “purple paper” produced by the Brookings Institution and noted with considerable interest because it was signed by, among others, Zbigniew Brzezinski, head of the National Security Council. This paper reads:

“The governments directly concerned bear the responsibility of negotiation and agreement, but they are unlikely to be able to reach agreement alone. Initiative, impetus and inducement may well have to come from outside. The United States, because it enjoys a measure of confidence of parties on both sides and has the means to assist them economically and militarily, remains the great power best fitted to work actively with them in bringing about a settlement.…” This states rather gently and moderately a view held much more strongly and expressed much more dramatically by George W. Ball, U.S. Under Secretary of State from 1961 to 1966. in the April issue of Foreign Affairs, in an article entitled, “How to Save Israel in Spite of Herself.”

“The United States must make clear to the more moderate Arab states—Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Jordan,” he writes, “that it will use its leverage in the search for peace but not unless they make clear their acceptance of Israel’s sovereignty.

“At the same time,” he adds, “Israel must be made to understand that continuance of the present stalemate is more dangerous than the concessions required for peace.… This means that our President must take the political heat from powerful and articulate pro -Israeli domestic groups. It means that as a nation we must be prepared to accept abuse and blame from both sides, permitting local politicians to save their own skins by attacking American arrogance and imperialism.”

Mr. Ball says the United States must “insist” that both sides carry out the U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, affirmed in Resolution 338, which calls for Israel to withdraw from the territories she occupied in the 1967 war, and he implies that, if necessary, President Carter should do what President Eisenhower did in 1957: threaten to withdraw U.S. aid to Israel”. [3]

The two states solution is not a solution!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



[2] R Kemp “Israel as a Strategic Asset of the West” JSTOR › stable


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