The USA is attacking South Africa for filing a complaint of genocide by the Zionist monster

Yossi Schwartz ISL (The RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 04.01.2024

“The US has not observed acts in Gaza that constitute genocide, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Wednesday, after South Africa launched genocide proceedings at the International Court of Justice over Israel’s military operation in the Palestinian enclave. Those are allegations that should not be made lightly … we are not seeing any acts that constitute genocide,” Miller said at a regular news briefing. “That is a determination by the State Department,” he added” [1]

At the same time while Israel killed already more than 22,000 people in Gaza, 70% women and children, the U.S and other western imperialist states sees the killing of 1130 Israelis 400 of them in uniform and armed as genocide.

“Many governments and citizens are appalled by the civilian casualties from Israel’s bombardment and invasion of Gaza, which is its response to Hamas’s attack on Israel. On October 10th the Palestinian envoy to the UN, Riyad Mansour, described Israel’s actions as “nothing less than genocidal”. Iran and Iraq have also accused Israel of genocide. Politically, it is clear why Israel’s enemies should invoke the heinous crime. But the allegation has also been made by countries that have usually been friendly to Israel” [2]

This response to the genocide of the Palestinians that the White House provides the weapons to do is not surprising. First Israel is the front line for western imperialism. Secondly because if the US will admit that Israel has committed genocide the US is a partner to this crime. Thirdly it is not surprising that a state that is responsible from its first days to the murder of vast numbers of people will not see the mass killing of Israel as a crime.

“According to university of Hawaii “In domestic democide, such as lynchings, the American government was probably indirectly responsible for around 2,000 killed since 1900. But in foreign wars, the American military may have killed hundreds of thousands of foreigners in cold blood, virtually all civilians, and the greater majority of these by bombing” [3]

In the real world the U.S directly and indirectly is responsible for many more deaths, many million people, and has such a long record of genocide beginning with the murder of millions of Indians, the death of black slaves, the War in the Philippine, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, in addition to the German and Japanese civilians will not see such crimes as genocide.

“America has been in 19 wars since World War II, but we will list the death toll from three of the bloodiest conflicts: The Korean War, The Vietnam War and wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The total death toll of people killed by American troops in all these wars put together is over 12 million. Each of these three conflicts have something in common: they were wars fought in the name of making the world “safe for democracy.”A particular horror was the largest use of chemical weapons against civilians since World War II, the massive use of Agent Orange against Indochina where it continues to poison people today.  It may take Vietnam and Laos thousands of years to recover.  In the case of Iraq, American spy satellites helped Saddam Hussein use poison gas against the troops of Iran” [4]

“By genocide, the murder of hostages, reprisal raids, forced labor, “euthanasia,” starvation, exposure, medical experiments, and terror bombing, and in the concentration and death camps, the Nazis murdered from 15,003,000 to 31,595,000 people, most likely 20,946,000 men, women, handicapped, aged, sick, prisoners of war, forced laborers, camp inmates, critics, homosexuals, Jews, Slavs, Serbs, Germans, Czechs, Italians, Poles, French, Ukrainians, and many others. Among them 1,000,000 were children under eighteen years of age.1 And none of these monstrous figures even include civilian and military combat or war-deaths” [5]

David Michael Smith in his book: Endless Holocausts: Mass Death in the History of the United States Empire documented the real history of American imperialism. A book that was reviewed by Jeremy Kuzmarov and the figures are taken from this review Smith estimated that the U.S. empire is responsible, or shares responsibility, for close to 300 million deaths. [6]

So, what is the mass killing of Palestinians in the eyes of Biden? After all they are not better than the Indians who had to be killed for the settler colonialists.

Kick out the American Imperialism!

Down with the Zionist apartheid!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

The Zionist butchers and Biden should be tried and punished with the most extreme punishment!








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