The use of the Hanibal protocols in the war on Gaza

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 20.11.2023

The Zionist Knesset is discussing a law that will allow for the execution of Hamas fighters in the hands of Israel. The National Security Committee today (Monday 20.11) discussed the law, which was returned to the table due to the massacre – despite fears that it would harm the kidnapped Israelis.

At the discussion of the law promoted by Minister Ben Gabir and members of his party, the representatives of the families of the Israeli prisoners in Gaza expressed a protest and an uproar arose. Announced: the bill will not be put to a vote in the plenum before discussion in the cabinet. Son Har Melech yelled at a family member: “Insolent”.

The members of the Knesset in the committee hall burst into loud discussion and shouting. MK Gilad Karib interrupted Ben Gabir’s words and claimed: “This debate should not be promoted as long as there are abductees, you are putting them at risk in order to promote a political position.”

MK Efrat Raiten turned to Ben Gabir shouting: “Your government is against the law, what are you doing with this debate, you are endangering their lives.” MK Oded Forer also shouted: “What are you doing here, this is a futile debate.”

Gil Dickman, the representative of the families of the abductees, whose cousin was abducted in Gaza, tearfully appealed to the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gabir at a hearing in the National Security Committee with a request not to deal with the death penalty for terrorists now. “I’m begging you to stop,” he told him. Later, Gil shouted at Minister Ben Gabir and the members of the committee: “You are only doing damage, all you are doing is communication.” [1]

Two issues are clear from this debate. The first one is that the government of Netanyahu is not concerned with the life of the Israeli prisoners. That is why the Zionist army keeps bombing Gaza and this is the reason they want to pass the law allowing the Zionist states to kill the Palestinians freedom fighters. The spirit of the Hanibal protocol, that was used in the past when Israeli soldiers were told to kill an Israeli soldier that was caught by Palestinian fighters is to be shut and killed, is still very much alive.

The second one is that the families of the Prisoners do not oppose the death penalty for the Hamas freedom fighters but want first to get back their relatives.

Victory for Hamas fighters!

For the Arab revolution that will end the apartheid state!



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