The War Crimes of the Zionist army in Jenin

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel /Occupied Palestine, 06.07.2023

Unlike the massacre of Jenin in 2002 when the hooligans in uniforms used only bulldozers to destroy houses and roads, this time they used bulldozers and aircraft to destroy houses and roads.

Hamdullah Afaneh, a specialist on Israeli affairs, said:” there is a domestic element to the Israeli operation, which he described as “exporting an internal crisis”.

“The timing of this operation is to draw the attention away from the internal crisis that has beset this Israeli government, which is made up of far-right parties headed by extremist figures such as [Security Minister] Itamar Ben-Gvir and [Finance Minister] Bezalel Smotrich” [1]

Bialik wrote on the revenge of a murdered child by pogromists which applies here:

“And cursed be he who cries out: Revenge!
Vengeance like this, for the blood of a child,
Satan has yet to devise.
Let the blood fill the abyss!
Let it pierce the blackest depths
and devour the darkness
and eat away and reach
the rotting foundations of the earth”.

Jenin refugee camp is the small place where refugees from Haifa and Acra have lived after the ethnic cleansing of 1947-8. The apartheid state attacked the third and the fourth generation of the refugees.

Under the Zionist attack at least 3000 refugees became refugees once again. The Zionists like to call the Palestinians cockroaches. And other animals. In 1983, cabinet minister Rafael Eitan, the former head of the army called Palestinians living under Israeli occupation “drugged cockroaches in a bottle”, Prime Minister Ehud Barak described Palestinians as “crocodiles”.

The Zionist propaganda is that Israel is killing only terrorists, but judging by the actions of the Zionist war criminals, even small children are considered by the Zionists as terrorists.

“At Jenin’s public hospital, Thaer Abu Johar, 33, was eagerly biting into an apple. “This is the first thing I ate in two days,” he told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.

Israeli forces stormed the four-story building where his family lived with five others at noon on Monday. He estimated more than 200 soldiers took part in the raid.

“His relative Odai Alaqmeh, 20, said the soldiers “shot live ammunition inside our house” and separated the men from the women and children.

“They kept telling us, ‘You can leave in five minutes. But more and more soldiers started coming in and they slept in the house,” he said. “We haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. They only gave us water.”

When in the night the Israeli officers fired a missile from their rooftop, the “whole building shook”. “They hit a home in front of ours, it’s on fire. It’s still on fire,” Alaqmeh said. “They didn’t have any mercy on anyone.” The western neighborhood where they lived was a ghost town when they evacuated on Tuesday after the Israeli soldiers left and they made their way to safety, carrying children and two relatives in wheelchairs through the maze of debris and rubble.” [2]

Roadblocks and bulldozers plowing streets and buildings are preventing life-saving medical access from reaching victims of all ages in the camp.

Physicians for Human Rights say Israeli forces attacked Jenin hospitals.

Three Hospitals were attacked during the military assault on Jenin, severely damaging their operational capacity. According to Israel, one of the incidents occurred after gunshots were fired from within the hospital, leading to its loss of protection under international humanitarian law. Yet, reports indicate that Israeli forces did not take all feasible precautions in their response to the gunfire – as required by law – and compromised the hospital’s ability to care for patients. – Throughout the onslaught on Jenin, the Israeli military prevented ambulances from evacuating the wounded and the casualties – violating fundamental international laws protecting medical personnel. But now, in a further escalation, Israeli forces stormed Jenin’s governmental hospital, firing tear gas and live bullets – all while the hospital was overloaded with patients and staff. Five civilians were injured as a result, including three in serious condition. According to reports, the emergency room is still unusable, and other hospital departments haven’t returned to normal operations. – When hospitals are attacked, and their protected status is ignored, the resulting damage is severe: patients and staff are injured, residents lose confidence in the hospital as a haven (some of those whose homes were destroyed were evacuated to the hospital), and the trust in medical facilities, personnel, and their capacity to provide care and protection is lost” [3]

This crusader state must be destroyed; its political and military leaders should stand a trial and be punished according to their criminal responsibility.

Down with the Zionist apartheid state!

For the return of the Palestinians refugees!

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!      





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