The Zionist Apartheid state in a trap

Yossi Schwartz, ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 17.10.2023

Israel that in the arrogance of its leaders and the Jewish -Zionist arrogance have failed to understand Hamas, and have lived in a phantasy, therefore they not only lost the war against Hamas but it has fallen into the trap.

The conventional belief that Israel was so successful in penetrating Arab political and military structures that everybody discounted the possibility of a strategic surprise, like the one it suffered in the October War of 1973 when Egyptian and Syrian armed forces launched a surprise coordinated attack, has proven wrong on October 7th 2023.

There are other failures. First, its plan to evacuate the Palestinians from North Gaza has failed. Only about 400,000 fled and Israel, which killed 70 and injured more than 200 of these fleeing to the south, convinced most of the Gazan in the north to stay. Unlike when Hamas wear uniforms in attacking Israel, now they are in civilian clothes.

“Nobody knows what the primary intention of the announcement made on Friday was, but whatever it was, it fell short of anything that could be called full Israeli success. and sophisticated surveillance and spying techniques.

Then came Saturday, October 7, 2023, which brutally sent to the scrapheap Israeli reputation of omnipotence and the notion that it would know in advance every move Palestinians would make” [1]

In many conventional wars, sowing panic among a civilian population will inevitably reflect on the army. Soldiers seeing their relatives, friends and neighbors flee in panic inevitably ask themselves: “for whom do I fight ”. In such wars when the civilian population flee the lines of communication are disrupted and planning a counter attack is very hard. This is not the case in this war.

The army of the Zionist apartheid state is ready to attack from Friday and now four days later it has not entered Gaza. Why is that? Hezbollah has sent a clear message as soon you enter Gaza the front of the war in North Israel will begin.  If Hamas has shown its strength Hezbollah is much stronger than Hamas. It has 150,000 rockets and missiles. If on the other hand Israel will not enter Gaza the people in the semi colonies including the Arab masses will understand that Israel is a tiger of paper. Its usefulness for the Western imperialists that stand behind the war crimes of Israel will be gone and the USA and its allies will suffer a major defeat in the region. A US Marine rapid response force was headed to the waters off the coast of Israel, CNN reported on Monday night. The force includes 2,000 Marines and sailors and will join additional US forces and warships deployed off the coast of Israel in an effort to deter Hezbollah, Iran, and other actors from joining the war between Israel and Hamas. The Pentagon is preparing American troops for a potential deployment to Israel as well, according to the report. If the USA has to fight for Israel, its usefulness will die. Israel is supposed to be a strategic asset for Western imperialism, not the opposite.

For this reason, Biden is begging Israel not to enter Gaza and Israel is likely to claim it does not enter Gaza because of the USA. In such a case the Zionist-Jewish population will eat alive the government of Netanyahu. It is likely that such a huge defeat for Israel will push for uprisings in the Arab countries that stood aside rather than assist the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

This war is a warning to the Israelis to break with racist Zionism and join the struggle to form a Palestinian socialist state from the river to the sea where the refugees will return and you will live in a safe place with equal civil rights.

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



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