The Zionist state’s war on the Palestinians

A statement by the ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 03.07.202

The ISL condemns Israel for its latest war crimes. The apartheid state military has launched its largest operation in Jenin since the Second Intifada overnight Sunday, with airstrikes and infantry in the northern city.

Air raids on the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank occupied in 1967, using missile killed at least four Palestinians, according to residents and officials The names of the people killed by the Zionist air force are: Sameeh Abu al-Wafa, Hussam Abu Theeba, Aws al-Hanoun and Nour el-Din Marshoud, noting that they were all shot in the chest and head.

Dozens of armored vehicles also surrounded the refugee camp from all sides and launched a ground military attack causing heavy damage to homes and roads. A fifth Palestinian, 21-year-old Mohammad Hasanein, was killed overnight on Monday by the same armored vehicles at the northern entrance to the city of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank, the Palestinians health ministry said.

Two others were also killed according to the Jerusalem post.

Al Jazeera’s Jerusalem bureau chief Walid al-Omari said, “some 150 armored vehicles and about 1,000 soldiers from elite special forces and the military, as well as general intelligence, police, and border police” are taking part in the operation”. “They are enforcing a total siege on the camp, while special forces are operating inside the camp, raiding homes, searching them, and arresting many people,” al-Omari said” [1]

“Resident of the Jenin refugee camp 60-year-old Afiyeh Jameel Yousef Sbeih told Al Jazeera that the Israeli army fired live ammunition into their home, injuring her niece. Her niece, 25-year-old Hanaa Najeeb, who is studying to be a doctor, had just arrived for a visit from Jordan two days ago with her mother and was staying at Sbeih’s home. A bullet entered through the front door and hit my niece in the leg while she was in the bathroom. The bullet pierced her leg and went out from the other side,” Sbeih told Al Jazeera from the Ibn Sina hospital. We found at least three bullets on our front door, and others across the walls,” added Sbeih about their home in the Hawashiyeh neighborhood of the Jenin refugee camp”

“Speaking to Al Jazeera, Deputy Governor of Jenin Kamal Abu al-Rub said the Israeli army “is not only targeting people, but the infrastructure of the camp as well. They have cut off all electricity, telecommunications, and water.” [2]

This is what the Zionist crusader terrorists call an operation against terrorists, who are really freedom fighters like the Partisans. This brings to mind the war crimes of French imperialism in what is known as the battle of Algiers.

And where is his great Highness the wonderful President of the smallest room in his villa Mahmoud Abbas? He calls on the UN to protect the Palestinians. The same UN that helped to form Israel on the ruins of the Palestinian society in the Nakba. And why not call for the return of the British Mandate?

And where is the protest movement that says they protect democracy? How they are busy in more important things like watching how one protester is beating up a person who dared to join them with a Palestinian flag.

And where is Biden who says that he opposes the vandalism of the settlers and the expansion of the settlements? How he is busy selling Israel a fleet of F-35 the deadliest aircraft.

“Jerusalem told Washington about 10 days ago that it plans to try to root out terrorism from the West Bank city, without saying when it would do so or providing further specific details, the Israeli source said.

“We said that security officials think that we cannot avoid entering Jenin, though we had not yet made an exact decision of how and when we would do it,” the source stated. We said we would enter for a focused action when we have enough intelligence. American interlocutors understood the necessity of the actions, according to the source, who compared it to the US Army fighting ISIS in Iraq or Syria: “Sometimes, you know you can’t wait.” [3]

“According to US Secretary of State Tony Blinken, Shapiro will support US efforts to advance a more peaceful and interconnected region, deepen and broaden the Abraham Accords, and Forum. This appointment comes as the Senate considers passing legislation that would create an ambassadorial-level position focused on promoting the Abraham Accords” [4]

Israel, the modern crusader state will continue to commit war crimes as long as it will exist. The only way forward is a Palestinian Arab armed spring together with the Arab workers and poor peasants in the region.

Down with the Zionist apartheid crusaders state!

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



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