The Zionist war criminal’s propaganda and the Western imperialists hypocrisy

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 22.10.2023

Before the war on the people of Gaza close to 500 loaded trucks entered the besieged enclave. Now under Biden’s public relation exercise, Israel allowed 20 trucks via the shuttered Rafah crossing from Egypt, and claims that there is not a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Under the Zionist new policy of a total siege on the Gazan Ghetto, the people of Gaza lack food, clean water, medicine and electricity including for the hospitals.

At the same time Biden claims that Israel provides humanitarian aid, he asked the American congress for 14 milliard dollars for military aid to Israel that as he knows will use it for a genocide of the people of Gaza. In light of the opposition of Egypt to ethnic cleansing to the Sinai desert Israel is considering the option of using the corrupted PA that collaborates with Israel against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Biden is the new Pontius Pilate; can claim that not he who is responsible for the genocide of the people of Gaza.

He knows very well that Israel has prepared half a million soldiers ready to destroy Gaza, while fighting against the 10,000 Palestinian fighters. Does it remind us of anything? Indeed, the uprising of Ghetto Warsaw.

The Zionist claim that Israel is very concerned with the prisoners in the hands of Hamas, is no more than cheap propaganda. Hamas offered to release two prisoners for humanitarian reasons to Israel in addition to the two Americans, but Netanyahu’s government refused this offer saying that it is a Palestinian P.R. Clearly the Zionist army will try to release them by force even when most likely they will die in this attempt. For Netanyahu’s government, it is better that these prisoners will die than release Palestinian political prisoners, whose number doubled from October 7th.

What will happen in Gaza depends on Hezbollah, whether it will open a full front against the Zionist war criminals. Meanwhile, the sailors serving aboard the aircraft carrier “Gerald Ford” were treated to a dinner of steaks and lobsters. Surfers and military bloggers claimed that in the US Navy, such a sumptuous meal could herald imminent military action likely against Hezbollah or even Iran. If this will happen the question is how Russia and China will act.

The “Peace Conference”

The ruling class of Jordan and of Egypt are very worried, the support of the Arab masses is with the Gazans while the local ruling class made peace with Israel and do not want to act against the Zionist butchers under the pressure of the masses. They participated in the peace conference that ended without a joint agreement. Arab leaders at a Cairo summit on Saturday condemned Israeli bombardment of Gaza as European imperialists said civilians should be shielded. 

“Egypt, which called the meeting and hosted it, said it had hoped participants would call for peace and resume efforts to resolve the decades-long Palestinian quest for statehood. Jordan’s King Abdullah denounced what he termed global silence about Israel’s attacks, which have killed thousands in Hamas-ruled Gaza and made over a million homeless, and urged an even-handed approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

France called for a humanitarian corridor into Gaza that it said could lead to a ceasefire. Britain and Germany both urged Israel’s military to show restraint and Italy said it was important to avoid escalation. The United States, Israel’s closest ally, only sent its Cairo charge d’affaires who did not address the meeting in public.” [1]

Thus, the Arab rulers, servants of the imperialists sit on their hands, and the European imperialists stand behind Israel that commits genocide.

Down with the Zionist butchers!

Kick out the imperialists from the region!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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