The Zionists are the holocaust deniers

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 04.05.2023

The Zionist propaganda is that October 7th,2023, is the second holocaust.  B’nai B’rith International wrote:

One of the nagging questions for many is how to define the brutal rampage of murder, rape, and assault by thousands of seasoned terrorists and average Gazans who streamed into Israel on that fateful day. One term frequently used by victims, observers, and the general public is that this was a “Holocaust”—or at least a Holocaust-like event. Indeed, many of the victims I have met describe reliving the Holocaust-era experiences of their parents and grandparents as the terrorists hunted them down, hid from them in closets, played dead in ravines, were brutalized, and suffered feelings of helplessness and abandonment. Holocaust comparisons have been rife. The issuance of emergency foreign passports to some hostages, aiming to enhance their chances of release, evokes memories of the foreign documents—both genuine and forged—used to rescue Jews during the Holocaust“.[i]

“Other parallels are striking. Like the Nazis, Hamas seeks the annihilation of the Jews, as clearly stated in its founding charter. Like the Nazis who targeted B’nai B’rith first among all the Jewish organizations in Germany, the charter accuses B’nai B’rith of being among the organizations established by the Jews to gain world influence. Like the Nazis, Hamas terrorists murdered Jews indiscriminately on Oct. 7, and before; even dedicated peace activists, including my associate Vivian Silver, were not spared. The destruction visited upon Gaza and its residents by the IDF’s response to the massacre of Oct. 7 is of no consequence to the Hamas leadership who vows to repeat Oct. 7 again and again—just as the encroaching defeat and collapse of Nazi Germany did not end their persecution of the Jews until the Reich breathed its last breath”.[ii]

In line with this label of the Holocaust, the pro- Palestinians demonstrations are called Nazis by the Zionists. “As pro-Palestinian protests spread on university campuses across the United States, leading to hundreds of arrests, young Palestinians in the war-torn Gaza Strip have told CBS News they appreciate the support from America. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has condemned the demonstrations as antisemitic and even compared them to rallies held in Germany almost 100 years ago, as the Nazi party rose to power on a wave of anti-Jewish hate.”

This is not only cheap propaganda used to justify the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, but this propaganda is providing ammunition to the actual Nazis. The Palestinians are an occupied, oppressed nation that resists repression. For seventeen years, the Gazans have lived in a Ghetto bombed every few years, and in this war, the Palestinians are suffering from genocide; close to 35,000 people, 70% of them women and children, were murdered by millions of tons of heavy bombs made in the USA.

Hamas killed 1130 people on October 7th, one-third of them armed soldiers. These people are settlers, colonialists living on the land of the Palestinians who were expelled to Gaza in 1948. Many of them served in the oppressing Zionist army. Their settlements are the Zionist frontiers keeping the Gazans in the Ghetto.

If this amounts to the Jewish Holocaust, then the Nazis were right to kill them as they stole their land, turned them into refugees, and systematically repressed the Germans.

In the real world, close to six million Jews were murdered by the German industrial killing system, and the properties of the Jews were stolen.

The ugly Zionist propaganda is not surprising. No other than Netanyahu claimed that Haj Amin, the Mufti of Jerusalem, installed in Hitler’s mind the idea of mass killing of the Jews.

The Zionists and their supporters like Biden and the capitalist press describe the mass movement of the American students as violent when the only violence came from the Pro-Zionist vigilantes that attacked the protesting students in Colombia University and the brutal police called in by the university administration in violation of the right of speech.  Now, the Zionist organizations demand that the students who protest the genocide of the Palestinians be expelled.   



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