The Zionists call him a philosopher, in France he is known as a Zionist

Yossi Schwartz ISL(RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine) 9.5.2024

Israel Today, the right-wing Rug interviewed Bernard-Henri Lévy, who said:

This is a war Israel did not want even for one minute. Israel must win it, which is connected to Justice, Freedom, and Human rights.”

Freedom for whom? Justice for whom? Human rights for whom? For this Zionist, an apartheid state that systematically oppresses the Palestinians steals their land and kills them is a place of justice and freedom.

Israel, he said, did not want this war, but how can he explain the fact that for two years before October 7th, the Israeli army was trained under General Tamir to occupy Gaza?

Then he said “the world should never leave Israel alone to fight Hamas.” Israel is the fourth strongest army, so we are led to believe, and yet it cannot win against the Palestinian resistance of at most 60,000 fighters. No wonder this Zionist wants the Western imperialists to fight along with Israel against the small force of freedom fighters.

“In these dark days when Europe and North America were flooded with hate toward Israel and full of Anti-Semitism, he published his book The Loneliness of Israel”, We are told. We are also told that Levi has never been committed to the Intellectual Bonton of the period ruled by the neo-Marxism of the new left. We can only ask in what world this man is living. He also says that the Ukraine and Israel are similar, and so are the two wars.

Ukraine is a semi-colony facing Russian imperialism. Israel is an imperialist settler colonialist society, while the Palestinians are an oppressed nation by Israel. Only the stupid, ignorant like Levi can compare the two wars. No wonder he believes that the neo-Marxists rule the philosophical realm. The categories he uses to understand the world belong to the Lower Middle Ages. To prove this point, he says Israel is very lonely because the world does not understand it. The world is ignorant, and out of ignorance, everyone condemns Israel without understanding its role in the world and in the history of the Jews. What this ignorant cannot understand is that because the pro-Palestinian mass movement understands that Israel is the front line of the Western imperialists and is committing genocide, it is hated. That the myth of the Jews living in this country for 3000 years, as he says, is nonsense made up by settler colonialists like the Puritans in North America and the boers in South Africa. The Zionists who established Israel by ethnic cleansing are Europeans with no connection to Palestine and the ancient Jews.   

He also says: Our allies in the West tell Israel you can be strong but not too strong. You can defend yourself, but there is a limit. No state would not allow its citizens to be attacked so viciously. Our allies have double standards in favor of Hamas. Really? And who has provided Israel with weapons and ammunition to commit genocide against the Palestinians?

He finishes the interview by saying that the slogan Palestine free from the river to the sea is a call to liquidate the Jews. Even here, he is wrong. The slogan Free Palestine from the River to the Sea means to liquidate an imperialist apartheid state where the Israeli minority, following the return of the Palestinian refugees, will have equal civil rights, including language and religion.

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