The Zionists dream of Gaza is turning into a nightmare for them

Yossi Schwartz ISl (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 08.07.2024

The more the Zionist criminals announce a complete victory in Gaza, the more the Palestinian resistance is showing its power. Every day, Zionist soldiers are killed, and Hamas is controlling every place the Zionists retreat from. According to the Jerusalem Post, Hamas continues to control most of Gaza, except the corridor along the Egyptian border and the Netzarim corridor.

On Monday, July 1, fighters in Khan Yunis in Gaza fired 20 rockets at the Zionist apartheid. The resistance includes Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other groups like the Popular Front that possess rockets and mortars. It also shows how these groups can quickly return to areas the Zionist army has vacated in Gaza and set up new infrastructure.

The Zionist army said on Monday that “following the sirens that sounded a short while ago in communities near the Gaza Strip, approximately 20 projectiles were identified crossing from the area of Khan Yunis.” The Zionist army put out leaflets in Arabic on Monday demanding civilians to leave areas of Khan Yunis. These calls usually happen before an army raid or strike in an area. This call is an exercise in PR, as the Palestinians do not have any safe place to escape to. The monster is killing Palestinians in places that were declared as safe places.

Jerusalem Post admits that airstrikes and another raid into Khan Yunis will unlikely eliminate the resistance. Hamas has been shifting forces around Gaza. This is like one of those “cup games” where someone has three cups and shifts a small object from one cup to the next, promising that you will get a reward if you choose the right cup. Today, Israel is like the sucker being asked to find the object under the cup while Hamas moves its forces from cup to cup in Gaza.

The soldiers of the monster remained in Khan Yunis until April, using the 98th Division in an attempt to remove Hamas infrastructure above and below ground. As the war shifted to a less intense conflict, the Zionist army began to control the Netzarim corridor across Gaza. After March’s Ramadan, which was almost a de facto ceasefire, the army continued its raid, and this time, Rafah. Now, the Zionist army is attacking again in Shejaia in northern Gaza. While the resistance will return to Rafah.

This means there is a de facto ceasefire in most of Gaza. For instance, electric lines to a desalination plant run by UNICEF were repaired recently. The army said, “A new power line from Israel has been directly connected to a water desalination plant managed by UNICEF in Khan Yunis. This desalination plant supplies drinking water to the Deir al-Balah, Khan Yunis, and al-Mawasi areas, where many Gazans live. The plant is in Khan Yunis. The rockets were fired from Khan Yunis. This means basically that Hamas is once again thriving in many places in Gaza. As civilian infrastructure begins to be repaired, Hamas will return even more. This is what Hamas did in the past.

The resistance is recruiting many young, angry men in Gaza who lost members of their families, and more evidence of recruitment is being found. This means that Hamas will soon replace many of the fighters it lost in the past eight months of war.

Thus, the dream of Netanyahu and his company, is to defeat the resistance and to release the captives by force, is no more than a pie in the sky turning into stones falling on the head of the monster. To make things worse for the Zionist state, Netanyahu is seeking war with Hezbollah and Iran, which are much stronger than the resistance in Gaza. He relies on Trump to win the American presidency, especially after Biden’s poor and pathetic performance in the debate.

Down with the Zionist state!

For Palestine, red and free from the river to the sea!

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