To whom the UN belongs?

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 08.03.2024

The imperialist western and eastern are the constant members of the UNSC. They are the winners of the massacre of the imperialists in WWII. These states have the veto power and can block any resolution.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry says the US, Britain and France have submitted a request for a UN Security Council emergency meeting over the findings of a UN report on the alleged sexual crimes in the October 7 attack, according to the Israeli media.

Reports said that the move comes after a request from Foreign Minister Israel Katz, and the members of the UNSC also wish to meet with Premila Patten, the UN special representative

The UN General Assembly can pass resolutions but unless the UNSC decides to enforce them like the ruling of the ICJ they are meaningless. Thus, the UN is basically the tool of the imperialists. For this reason, Israel continues with the massacre of the Palestinians because the USA used its veto power.

And so, Israel the major war criminal can uses its ties to US, Britain and France imperialism that back Israel crimes to denounce Hamas for a lie that has been invented by Israel to justify the genocide of the Palestinians

 The UN and especially the UNSC are the continuation of the League of Nations. The League of Nations, according to Lenin, was a unification “on paper only; in reality it is a group of beasts of prey, who only fight one another and do not at all trust one another.” [1] He branded the League as a Thieves’ Kitchen, a “piece of fakery from beginning to end; it is a deception from beginning to end; it is a lie from beginning to end.” (Idem, p.97) Lenin’s position was also that of Leon Trotsky. It was the position of the Communist International in Lenin’s lifetime.

Meantime the Zionist army is denying that it has committed the massacre of the Palestinians seeking food from the aid trucks.

“The IDF submitted its findings on Friday regarding the humanitarian aid convoy catastrophe late last month wherein dozens of Palestinians were killed in a giant crush while attempting to get aid. …The command review found that IDF troops did not fire at the humanitarian convoy but did fire at a number of suspects who approached the nearby forces and posed a threat to them.

The command review reveals that while the trucks were traveling toward the distribution centers, a crowd of about 12,000 Gazans gathered around them and looted the equipment they were transporting.

IDF launched warning shots against looters

Amidst looting, dozens of Gazans also advanced toward IDF troops posing threats to forces standing by, leading to cautionary fire for deterrence purposes.

It was unclear if the associated Palestinians had aggressive intentions or were civilians caught up in a chaotic moment.

IDF sources suggested no special rules were limiting live fire against such civilians in the context of a humanitarian operation or whether the forces could have retreated backward, citing that the area was still a war zone.” [2]

This is another lie of the monsters who enjoy the killing as most people who were brought for treatment of their injuries were shot. No doubt most of the mass media in the imperialist states will spread this lie and the USA, Britain and France will likely adopt the lie.

Down with all the imperialists!


For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

[1] Lenin’s Collected Works, Vol.XXV, p.297


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