Who is more similar to the Nazis

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 20.12.2023

Nor Israel nor Hamas are Nazis. Israel is an imperialist state of settler colonialists established by European Jews that have no connection to the ancient Jews. Hamas is a petty bourgeois religious organization that is fighting a war of national liberation. The Zionist ugly propaganda call Hamas Nazis and compare the killing of October 7th to the genocide of the Jews in WWII by the Nazis.

If the killing of 1200 settlers living on lands stolen from the Palestinians who are refugees in Gaza is a holocaust then the whole account about the Nazis killing millions of Jews is no more than a fiction. But in spite the Zionist stupidity that helps the holocaust deniers, the Nazis did kill million of Jews and other people like the Roma people, Russian and gays.

Thus, to call the fighters for national liberation Nazis it is to deny the real holocaust.

Tony Greenstein’ in a debate with Lenni Brenner wrote: “The foundational Zionist myth of the Holocaust, in which non-Jewish victims are excluded, has become a major propaganda instrument in Zionism’s war against the Palestinians. Contradictory elements such as the role of the Jewish Councils (Judenrate) and the Jewish Resistance have to be reconciled. As Professor Israel Shahak, a childhood survivor of the Warsaw ghetto and Bergen-Belsen concentration camp wrote, the Israeli education system instilled ‘not an awareness of the Holocaust but rather the myth of the Holocaust or even a falsification of the Holocaust (in the sense that ‘a half-truth is worse than a lie’)’ (Kol Hair, Jerusalem, 12 May 1989)” [1]

I am sure that Brener will agree with the passage and this is not the place to join the debate because both agree on the main point, the collaboration of the Zionist with the Nazis. The support of the Zionists for the Nazis began when the Nazis took power in Germany.

This should not surprise us after all the Zionists in Palestine not only did not send one bullet to the Jews who fought the Nazis in Warsaw but had close political, ideological and economic relations with Nazi Germany.

Werner Senator, a leading German Zionist, once remarked that Zionism, for all its world Jewish nationalism, always politically assimilates to the countries within which it operates. No better proof of his remark exists than the political adaptation of the ZVfD to the theories and policies of the new Nazi regime. Believing that the ideological similarities between the two movements – their contempt for liberalism, their common volkish racism and, of course, their mutual conviction that Germany could never be the homeland of its Jews – could induce the Nazis to support them, the ZVfD solicited the patronage of Adolf Hitler, not once but repeatedly, after 1933” [2]

The 4 August 1933, Rundschau (Zionist press) with a long essay, “Rasse als Kulturfaktor”, which pondered on the intellectual implications for Jews of the Nazi victory. It argued that Jews should not merely accept silently the dictates of their new masters; they, too, had to realize that race separation was wholly to the good:

“We who live here as a “foreign race” have to respect racial consciousness and the racial interest of the German people absolutely. This however does not preclude a peaceful living together of people of different racial membership. The smaller the possibility of an undesirable mixture, so much less is there need for “racial protection” … There are differentiations that in the last analysis have their root in ancestry. Only rationalist newspapers who have lost feeling for the deeper reasons and profundities of the soul, and for the origins of communal consciousness, could put aside ancestry as simply in the realm of “natural history” [3]

The Zionists in Palestine made an economic deal with Nazi Germany.

“HAAVARA, a company for the transfer of Jewish property from Nazi Germany to Palestine. The Trust and Transfer Office Haavara Ltd., was established in Tel Aviv, following an agreement with the German government in August 1933, to facilitate the emigration of Jews to Palestine by allowing the transfer of their capital in the form of German export goods” [4]

The official parties to the agreement included the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Nazi government, and the Anglo-Palestine Bank (which was founded in 1899 as the financial arm of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) under the name “The Jewish Colonial Trust”, and renamed in 1950 as “Bank Leumi”). The Haavara Agreement, which was signed in 1933, not only broke the boycott against Nazi Germany, but also entailed the selling of German goods by the Zionists to Britain. Sixty percent of all capital invested in the Jewish colonies of Palestine between 1933 and 1939 came from German Jewish money through the Transfer Agreement. This infuriated not only American and European Jews who were promoting the boycott, which the WZO was breaking, but also the right-wing revisionists within the Zionist movement itself who assassinated the major Zionist envoy to the Nazis, Chaim Arlosoroff, in 1933 upon his return from Nazi Germany where he had been negotiating the Agreement.

“Not only would Zionism break the boycott, but its local German branch would also be the only German Jewish organization that would support the Nazi Nuremberg laws that were issued in 1935 to separate German Jews from German “Aryans” racially. The Zionists, like the Nazis, agreed that German “Aryans” and German Jews were separate races and people. Here Zionist thinking becomes clear on the question of boycotts. Wherein Zionists were using boycotts to bring about racial and colonial separatism in Palestine to privilege colonizing Jews and separate them from Palestinian Arabs, they opposed the Jewish boycott of Nazi Germany which sought to end Nazi racial separatism in the country targeting Jews. For Zionism, what mattered most was its commitment to racial separatism, whether in Germany or Palestine, and it supported only those boycotts that would bring it about. Indeed, as the Nazis in the 1930s sought to deport Jews and render Germany Judenrein (the Nazis proposed Madagascar as a destination for German Jews), the Zionists were proposing Palestine as the destination for German Jews, whose deportation they ultimately supported and were using the boycott and picketing campaigns to render the Jewish State-to-be in Palestine Araberrein” [5]

Israel is not a fascist state but there is certain similarity to the Nazi’s method of genocide and the technique of the big lie. As a matter of fact, these methods were used before Nazi Germany and Israel, by the settler colonialists in different countries for example in North American and the genocide of the Indians. In Algeria where settler colonialism killed 1.5 million Algerians, in Namibia by the German Monarchists, against the Armenians by Turkey.

Down with the Zionist apartheid state!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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