Why is Hamas winning the war?

Yossi Schwartz ISL (The section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 2.1.2024

We can examine this question by looking at the length of time the war continues and whether the goals of Israel or Hamas have been achieved.

When we say Hamas, we should remember that the fighters are not only of Hamas but of many other smaller organizations. Hamas has 25,000-30;000 fighters and together with the fighters of other organizations the Palestinian armed force in Gaza is about 50,000-60,000 fighters. Israel has an army of 500,000 soldiers and tanks, powerful Airforce and powerful artillery supplied by American imperialism the partner to the genocide of the Palestinians.

In spite of it and the destruction of most of Gaza by the Zionist’s bombarding the fighters of the resistance continue to fight, kill Zionist uniformed goons and destroy tanks and armored vehicles 3 months since Israel began its war on Gaza.

When Israel began the war on Gaza its leaders declared that the aim of the war is nothing less than to destroy Hamas, its military power and its capability to rule Gaza. 88 later Israel has failed to achieve this goal. Netanyahu and Halevi have stated that the war will continue for months or even years.

Israel hoped that the Gazan will blame Hamas for the death and the destruction but most Palestinians in Gaza and in the West-Bank support Hamas for the courage to attack the presumed one of the strongest armies in the world and despite Abu Mazen and the Palestinian Authority’s collaboration with the Zionist state and its corruption.

Israel hoped that it would be able to exploit the events of October 7th in its propaganda to justify its genocide of the Palestinians and its plan of ethnic cleansing. However, most people of the popular social classes oppose the genocide of the Palestinians, want an end to the Zionist criminal war and raise the slogan” Palestinian will be free from the river to the sea”. All the attempt by the western imperialist state to stop the pro-Palestinian protests have failed and most people do not believe the Israeli lies 51% of the American youth want to see the end of the Zionist apartheid state and support the creation of a Palestinian state from the river to the see. The Zionist are using the label Nazis against the Palestinians fighting for national liberation but the people around the world do not accept it and are inclined to see Israel as a Nazi state.

Now Israel is planning to organize a show trial for the captive Palestinian fighters that will resemble the Eichman trial in the 1960 and execute the freedom fighters. The problem Israel has that it does not have forensic evidence to prove the lies that Hamas fighters raped women, chopped the heads of Israeli babies and killed civilians. Israel tries to explain that the reason it does not have forensic evidence is because by Jewish law it is an obligation to bury the dead immediately. This is another lie In Israel there is the L. Greenberg National Institute of Forensic Medicine in the neighborhood of Tel Aviv. a department of the Israeli Health Ministry and affiliated with the University of Tel Aviv. It is known as the Abu Kabir institute and is the only facility in Israel authorized to conduct autopsies in cases of unnatural death. The lab at Abu Kabir conducts forensic examination in cases of rape, homicide, suicide and suspicious death. It also identifies victims of terror attacks.

Since Israel cannot prove who committed the alleged rapes and the alleged beheaded of babies or burn the houses it will be no more than a kangaroo trials. No to speak of the fact that the attempt to equate freedom fighters with Eichman will make Eichman a freedom fighter and be a great support for the pro Nazis.

End the war now!

Release all Palestinian prisoners for the captive Israelis!

Down with the Zionist apartheid state!

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