Why Israel is claiming that on October 7th Hamas raped Israeli women and why the White House supports this claim

Yossi Schwartz ISL (The section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine)

In the congress only 11% which shows the difference of the ruling class and the people in the U.S.

“U.S. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday December 6th, that Hamas had repeatedly raped women and mutilated their bodies during its Oct.7 assault on southern Israel, citing survivors and witnesses of the attacks.

Speaking at a political fundraiser in Boston, Biden said accounts of “unimaginable cruelty” had been shared over the past few weeks.

“Reports of women raped — repeatedly raped — and their bodies being mutilated while still alive, of women’s corpses being desecrated, Hamas terrorists inflicting as much pain and suffering on women and girls as possible and then murdering them. It is appalling,” Biden said” [1]

How do you know Mr. Liar? In the same way you claimed you saw pictures of beheaded Israeli babies and then admitted you only read a report by Israel? Claiming that Hamas broke the humanitarian pause.

But others in the democratic party support Israel and the claim it has the right to defend itself from the oppressed people.

On November 11 Bernie Sanders Called for Conditioning military Aid to Israel:

“Hamas is a corrupt terrorist organization which began this war by slaughtering 1,200 innocent Israeli men, women, and children and taking over 200 hostages. Hamas has made clear, before and after October 7, that its goal is to destroy Israel. Under those circumstances, Israel absolutely has the right to defend itself“.

Then he criticized Netanyahu’s government that waged almost total warfare against the Palestinian people. He added that the military aid to Israel $3.8 billion a year in plus $14.3 billion more must be conditional.

He said that while Israel has the right to go after Hamas, Netanyahu’s right-wing extremist government does not have the right to wage almost total warfare against the Palestinian people. That is morally unacceptable and in violation of international law. Displacing 1.6 million people from their homes, cutting off food, water, medical supplies, and fuel, and killing some 12,000 Palestinians – nearly half of whom are children – is in violation of every code of human decency. It must stop.

“Hopefully a new Israeli government must understand that not one penny will be coming to Israel from the U.S. unless there is a fundamental change in their military and political positions. Among other conditions that must be imposed upon any aid to Israel are:

The right of displaced Gazans to return to their homes;

No long-term Israeli re-occupation or blockade of Gaza;

An end to settler violence in the West Bank and a freeze on settlement expansion;

A commitment to broad peace talks for a two-state solution in the wake of the war”

Thus, he supports the crashing of the struggle for national liberation of the Palestinians by genocide, but decorates his position with a few demands that Israel does not and will not respect as he knows. So much for his claim that he follows the Socialist Eugene V. Debs who was sent to jail for opposing the entry of the USA to the imperialist butchering of WWI.

These days Israel demands from its supporters – the governments and the American congress or known members of western imperialism to believe without forensic evidence that Hamas raped Israeli women, and the UN women organization has capitulated.

Unlike the UN women organization Ex-Bernie Sanders aide Gray is attacked for saying that the accounts of Israeli women raped by Hamas are ‘Zionist’ propaganda.

Shame on Israel for not seriously investigating claims of rape and collecting rape kits,’ Gray wrote in a recent X post.

“Social media users and X fact-checkers hit back against former Bernie Sanders campaign press secretary and current The Hill TV host Briahna Joy Gray this week after sharing multiple posts denying the validity of accounts of Israeli women raped by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7.” [2]

“X accounts supporters of Israel accusing her of “dehumanizing” the Jewish people and stooping low to “disrespect” Jewish rape victims.

Gray’s brave claims also earned her multiple “Community Notes” fact-checks, reminding her of the existence of multiple corroborated reports of Hamas terrorists raping Israeli women during October terrorist attack in Israel.

Several of the anchor’s courage’s statements on the subject came on Monday, when she first posted about a U.S. State Department spokesperson suggesting to the press that Hamas has sexually abused Israeli women in its captivity.

The spokesperson’s statement that Hamas is reluctant to release more women hostages because it would reveal the nature of their abuse at the terror group’s hands prompted reporters at the conference to fire back, saying the U.S. government has provided no evidence that is the case.

On X, Gray commented on the clip, writing, “Providing no evidence, @StateDeptSpox advances theory that unreleased female Israeli hostages are rape victims who Hamas withheld because they don’t want them to speak publicly about their treatment. What we *know* so far is that Israeli hostages that have been allowed to speak to the press affirmed humane treatment, while Palestinian hostages have attested to beatings & sexual assault.”

Gray’s post received notes, linking multiple news have reported “Significant evidence of Hamas rape” [3]

Israel released a video with alleged witness accounts. As is typical, video of rapes has not been released publicly out of respect for the victims Israel claims. If you believe In Santa Klause, you believe this kind of evidence for rape when no forensic evidence exists.

“In a follow-up to that post, Gray shared a CNN clip of former State Department member Josh Paul describing what he called “credible” claims of a Palestinian boy being raped in an Israeli prison.

Though she had claimed Israel’s rape allegations against Hamas were unverifiable, she pushed the veracity of Israelis raping Palestinians, commenting, “Israel’s focus on women hostages is interesting since members of the IDF have not limited their sexual violations to females or adults.”

A shared a video of Newsweek Opinion Editor Ungar-Sargon blasting Democratic Party lawmakers like Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., for once pushing the notion of “Believe all women” when it came to them giving accounts of sexual assault, but being hesitant to believe rape claims from Israeli women in the Israel-Hamas war.

Gray argues that people should be skeptical about Israeli women claiming to be rape victims of Hamas., “’Believe all women’ was always an absurd overreach: woman should be heard, claims should be investigated, but evidence is required. The same is true of the allegations out of Israel.”

She added, “But also, this isn’t a ‘believe women’ scenario as no female victims have offered testimony.”

A Community Notes fact-check came for this post as well, sharing reports of Hamas raping Israeli women from CNN, The Boston Globe, BBC, and an ABC Chicago affiliate. The note stated, “There are plenty of reports, including witness testimony, showing that Hamas terrorists raped Israeli women”

Gray followed that post up with images of news reports describing the rape accounts and accused them of being Zionist propaganda. She posted, “Zionists are asking that we believe the uncorroborated eyewitness account of *men* who describe alleged rape victims in odd, fetishistic terms. Shame on Israel for not seriously investigating claims of rape and collecting rape kits” [4]

Let us be clear the accusation of Hamas rape is an attempt to justify the genocide of the Palestinians 70% of them are children and women. To put the alleged rape of Israeli women above the life of Palestinians women and ignore the torture including cases of rape of the Palestinian prisoners.

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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