Zionism – the Wolf in the Cloth of a Sheep

The Role of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

A Statement of the Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine), 21 February 2020, http://www.the-isleague.com

Recently we were informed that the Palestinian Authority has delayed a scheduled UN Security Council vote on a resolution against the Trump administration’s so called “Peace Plan”. In spite of the new wording of the resolution that is less sharp, it is clear that the USA and some other states on the Security Council oppose the resolution and it will not pass, thus the UN the continuation of the League of Nation has proven itself once again as a “den of thieves” as Lenin called the League of Nations. It is controlled by the imperialists who step on their own laws.

Such a resolution which condemns the theft of 30% of the Palestinian lands occupied in 1967 – which contradicts the UN laws against colonization – is considered by Israel, the USA, and other bandits as an expression of “Anti-Semitism”. The Simon Wiesenthal Center allegedly a Nazi hunter organization that its actual role is to use the Jewish Holocaust to cover for the crimes against the Palestinians urged in a clear blackmail attempt of Germany “to declare its opposition to a the draft UN Security Council resolution that would demand Israel’s return to its pre-June 1967 borders.” The Center’s officials said “It is high time for Germany, whose Chancellor describes as her nation as a friend of the Jewish state, to draw a diplomatic red line against initiatives that would endanger Israel’s future.” [1] If Germany had refused the accusations then Germany would be reminded of its Nazi past.

Real Anti-Semitism Today

We live in a period of polarization between the imperialist ruling classes and the working class and the masses. Like in every reactionary period of the ruling class which is at the same time pre-revolutionary period, we witness the rise of different forms of racism including Anti-Semitism that is used by the ruling classes to divide the exploited and the oppressed. It is essential to fight all forms of racism including Anti-Semitism.

Yet due to the Zionist reactionary role the clear definition of Anti-Semitism is purposely disordered. [2]

Anti-Semitism is the persecution of Jews simply because they are Jews. There have been two previous historical epochs when Jews were persecuted. The first one is during the Middle Ages during the crusade and the occupation of Moorish Spain at the end of the 15th century. The second one began with the decline of capitalism at the end of the 19th century with the Alfred Dreyfus Affair which reached its peak during World War II. [3]

In the Middle Ages, Anti-Semitism was used as a tool to wipe out debts to the rich Jews and in the epoch of the decline of capitalism it has been used to direct the anger of the masses against the Jews who lost their unique role as finance capitalists in West Europe and in Russia because of the crisis of the Russian Empire. During the Middle Ages, Jews were blamed for the death of Jesus. In the epoch of the decline of capitalism the rationale of the Anti-Semites is that the Jews are a dangerous inferior race who controls the world, and at the same time because they are communists who want to destroy civilization.

Contrary to the Zionist claim that the history of the Jewish people is one of eternal persecution, there were periods when Jews were not persecuted and periods, when the upper class of the Jews participated in the oppression of other people, for example, when the upper class of the Jews participated in the repression of the early Christians, during the slavery of the Africans, or the repression of the Palestinians by the Israeli state.

According to the Zionists there are two kinds of Anti-Semitism, the Anti-Semitism of the left and Anti-Semitism of the far right. The Anti-Semitism of the left – according to the Zionist – is the manifestation of opposition to the “Jewish state”, while the Anti-Semitism of the far right is the attacks on Jews. According to the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) the definition of Anti-Semitism includes the denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g. by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.

Using this definition the BDS is defined by the Zionists and their supporters like the new conservative government in Britain led by the Islamophobic Johnson as Anti-Semitic. Johnson plans to pass a law restricting local authorities from participating in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Lord Eric Pickles, Britain’s special envoy for post-Holocaust issues, said at a conference in Jerusalem that “B.D.S. is anti-Semitic, and should be treated as such.” In the real world the BDS aim is to apply pressure on Israel and its supporters to end the occupation of the West Bank, granting equal rights to Palestinians and supporting the right of the return of the Palestinians refugees that were cleansed by Israel in 1948.

The Tories follow Trump clamping on the BDS in the USA and France, that is murdering Africans in West Africa [4], passed a New French bill equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

Many Jews oppose this reactionary trend. In France for example a group of 127 Jewish intellectuals has signed a petition against a new French bill. James Cohen, a professor at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 and one of the 127 signatories says: “Some of the people out there who oppose the policies of the state of Israel, who may even oppose the existence of the state of Israel, might also be anti-Semitic […] but that should not delegitimize the legitimate act of criticizing the policies of the state of Israel. And when it comes to the existence of the state of Israel, there are questions that need to be asked whether a one-state solution or a two-state solution could be viable. Why should this discussion not be open?” [5]

When the apartheid regime in South Africa the twin sister of Israel existed the tactic of the boycott was used. The imperialist states opposed the sanction on South Africa almost until the end of this regime. The regime in South Africa was considered by the imperialists an important bastion against communism. In 1985, William F. Buckley, founder and editor of National Review, wrote that Nelson Mandela belongs in jail. And not only that the South African government served the strategic interests of American foreign policy, and that Mandela was a dangerous radical, but that South Africa should not dismantle Apartheid.

The supporters of the regime argued that the call to impose sanctions was a racist argument used by the black racists and their friends against the whites. The supporters of the Zionist state argue the same thing that the calling for boycott of Israel or even opposing its repression of the Palestinians and stealing their lands is a directed against the Jews.

The Zionists who love to participate in boycotting other states opposed the boycotting of Nazi Germany (The transfer-Haavara in Hebrew) because of a deal the Zionist in Palestine made with the Nazis. [6]

The Anti-Semites – the Best Friends of the Zionists

There are still people in the world who believe that Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jews that has been fighting against the Anti-Semitism and Nazism. In the real world Zionism is a nationalist racist movement of European colonialists that has allied themselves with the Anti-Semites from the day Jewish Zionism was born. The political role of the Zionists has been to harness their supporters in the service of the real Anti-Semites and it does by charging those who oppose their colonialist settler project and the repression of the Palestinians as Anti-Semites in order to continue the land theft and the repression of the native Palestinians.

It began with Herzl who wrote about the Anti-Semites that they will be the best friends of the Zionists. Even hard core Zionists acknowledge that he wrote in his diaries: “At first they must not be given large fees for this; otherwise we shall spoil our instruments and make them despicable as ‘stooges of the Jews’. Later their fees will increase, and in the end we shall have only Gentile officials in the countries from which we have emigrated. The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies.[7]

He also wrote: “If His Majesty the Sultan were to give us Palestine, we could offer to resolve Turkey’s finances. For Europe, we would form part of a bulwark against Asia there; we would serve as the advance post of civilization against barbarism.” [8]

The allies he had in mind and tried to get their support for his colonialist project were the Russian Tsar, the German Kaiser, the Sultan of Turkey and even Cecil Rhodes, the colonizer of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia). He promised the Tsar, who was responsible for pogroms against the Jews, that he will divert the Jews from the struggle against the Russian Empire. As to the Kaiser Wilhelm II we should know that in 1885, “Adolf Stoecker a known Anti–Semite was found guilty in a libel case brought by a Jewish newspaper editor. The publicity surrounding the case was highly damaging to the Court, and Kaiser Wilhelm I, though himself an Anti-Semite, decided that Stoecker must forfeit his position as Court Chaplain. The prince Wilhelm II who would become the Kaiser Herzl tried to get his support wrote to the old Kaiser On 5 August 1885 a letter where he praised Stoecker as the Hohenzollern monarchy’s most powerful pillar and bravest warrior against the ‘ghastly and infamous slanders’ of the ‘damned’ Jewish press and the Jewish law courts.” [9]

He promised the Sultan that was responsible to the genocide of the Armenians money that “the Jews would pay off the Ottoman Empire’s huge debt, in return for the acquisition of Palestine” and as a journalist helped to hide the first massacre of the Armenians.

The use of the Anti-Semite myth of the protocol of the Elders of Zion

A major theme in the arsenal of the Anti- Semites is the ”The Protocol of the Elders of Zion”, fabricated by the Russian Tsar that alleged that the Jews secretly controls the world. This allegation was used by “the right wing Anti-Semite authoritarian Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in election campaign. The target was Soros, the Jewish Hungarian-American billionaire who among other things called on Hungry to open the gates for refugees. The Soros myth along the line of the Elders of Zion was spread by two of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key advisers. Netanyahu introduced American advisers George Birnbaum and Arthur Finkelstein to Viktor Orbán. In 2013, they began advising him to focus his campaign on Soros as the “shadowy figure” and “puppet master” behind the scenes who controlled the economy.” [10]

Today the Zionists ally themselves with the stupid reactionary Trump, the president of the USA, who came recently with his so called “Peace Plan” in support of Israel annexation of 30% of the West Bank, the Jordan valley and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians citizens of Israel. [11] Among other things he is an Anti-Semite. His response to the Unite the Right rally that was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville that was opposed by Anti-Nazis was that, ”There are fine people on both sides”.

The Zionists deny that Trump is an Anti-Semite yet they kept their mouth close about the fact that Netanyahu government was silent in January 2017 when the Trump Administration omitted any reference to Jewish victims from its official statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Netanyahu government was silent in July 2017 when Trump was the first U.S. president since the fall of the Stalinist regime in Poland, to pay a visit to the monument commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. In a speech delivered in Warsaw on the topic of World War II in Poland, Trump stressed the suffering of the Polish people and failed to mention the Jews who fell victim to anti-Semitism and Nazi collaborators. Needless to say Trump has not mentioned that the USA closed its gates to Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.

The Zionist Myth

In modern times the reactionaries have always distinguished between the Zionists who have been considered good Jews and the Jewish masses especially those on the left who have been considered bad Jews. One of the first to use this distinction was Churchill who wrote that the Zionists are good people while the bad Jews are the Bolsheviks. [12] We can hear the same line today by the reactionaries who love Israel and hate the Jews and especially the Jews on the left.

The Zionists adore Churchill who signed his name on an article written by a paid journalist by the name of Dalton in 1937: ‘‘Every Jewish money-lender recalls Shylock and the idea of the Jews as usurers. And you cannot reasonably expect a struggling clerk or shopkeeper, paying 40 or 50 per cent interest on borrowed money to a “Hebrew Bloodsucker,” to reflect that almost every other way of life was closed to the Jewish people.’”[13]

In 1918 Lloyd George wanted to include three Jewish Cabinet Ministers among the seven Liberals in his administration, Churchill wrote to Lloyd George: “There is a point about Jews which occurs to me – you must not have too many of them. Three Jews among only seven Liberal Cabinet Ministers might I fear give rise to comment.” [14]

Churchill wrote: “One may dislike Hitler’s system and yet admire his patriotic achievement. If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations.”

“This passage is from Churchill’s foreign affairs article in the Evening Standard, 17 September 1937: “Friendship with Germany” (Cohen C548), subsequently reprinted in Step by Step (London: Thornton Butterworth, 1939, Cohen A111).” [15]

To oppose Israel is Anti-Semitism claim the Zionist because it will be the end of the Jewish state. The truth of the matter is that the Israeli state is a settler colonialist society that prevents the right of self-determination of the Palestinians. Furthermore by allying itself with the real Anti-Semites against the left, Israel is an enemy of the Jewish masses. [16]

The Zionist myth, which was backed by the Stalinists and those who tailed them in the late 1940s, is that the war of 1948 was a war of liberation from the British imperialists. In reality it was a war aimed at cleansing the native Palestinians. One of the signs of the beginning of the degeneration of the Fourth International was its soft line on 1948 war when the leaders of the Fourth International like Mandel failed to take a position against Israel. [17]

The Zionist military forces removed the Palestinians from the land allocated to Israel by the UN partition plan before the Arab armies entered the war. The Arab armies entered the war not because of British imperialism but because of the pressure of the Arab masses in solidarity with the Palestinians. In the Zionist propaganda during 1947-48 for example by Abba Kobner, known for his plan to poison 6 million German after WWII, he referred to the Arabs as the Nazis and to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians as revenge against the Nazis. Thus already in 1948 the victims of Israel were prorated as those who persecute the Jews for Anti-Semite motivation.

As a matter of fact the Zionist colonialists consider the resistance of the Palestinians to the colonization as Anti-Semitism. During the Arab anti-imperialist revolt of 1936-39 the Zionists joined the British repression of the Palestinians. Joining force with the imperialists that control a colony is in total contradiction to the claim of being a national liberation movement.

Right-Wing Zionists and Pro-Israel Lobby

We read today in the Jerusalem Post that in the elections to the Irish Parliament, “two parties that are in the lead stand for a law that will criminalize the purchase of goods or services from Israeli businesses in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights. These parties are the Sinn Féin that won 22.3% of the vote for the Daíl, Ireland’s lower house of parliament, the highest share of the national vote it has ever received, and Fine Gael, the party of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar received 22.4% and Fianna Fáil got 22.2%.” [18] No doubt these parties are going to be called in Israel, the right wing Zionists and their friends as “Anti-Semites” like the BDS.

It is a fact that the Zionists were in the front line in the attack on the left wing of the British Labor party led by Corbin and are in the front line of the attack on the social democratic wing of the Democratic Party in the USA. In other words the Zionists are in the front line of the reactionaries in many countries including the USA, France and Britain.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party in the USA was asked by a female member of the Jewish American group IfNotNow whether she would skip the AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Conference in March. Warren replied: “I am an American Jew and I am terrified by the unholy alliance that AIPAC is forming with Islamophobes, Anti-Semites and white nationalists.” [19] It still has to be seen whether she will keep her promise.

AIPAC is a very powerful Zionist lobbyist groups acting for the interests of the Israeli state. The power of AIPAC over members of American Congress is well known. Can you imagine what would happen to a lobby group that works let say openly for Lebanon and tries to ensure that members of the Congress will side with Lebanon against Israel. It would be accused of supporting a terrorist state. Yet it is Israel that kills Palestinians almost daily by state terrorism.

Since Trump announced his great plundering plan of the century, Israel killed five people in the 1967 occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. “The Palestinian health ministry said Badr Nafla, 19, died yesterday after being shot by Israeli forces in the neck during clashes near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem. Earlier on Friday, Israel deployed additional forces in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank after its soldiers killed four Palestinians in the last two days. Israeli forces shot dead two Palestinians on Thursday during a demonstration in Jenin against the demolition of a Palestinian house. One of those killed was named by official Palestinian news agency, WAFA, as a 19-year-old student, Yazan Abu Tabekh. The second was identified as Palestinian policeman Tareq Badwan.” [20]

These days the Israeli state is aware that a new Intifada is possible and they terrorize the Palestinians to show them what will happen if they rebel against their oppression.

One year ago Ilhan Omar’s tweet said in response to a question: “What accounted for such fierce defense of a foreign country by US political leaders even if it meant attacking the free-speech rights of Americans? She replied “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” referring to $100 bills with the picture of Benjamin Franklin. Her reply created a storm, and she was accused of Anti-Semitism.” Yet it is true that AIPAC rewards financially Members of the Congress who voted in a certain way. Political activist Ady Barkan describes how as a congressional candidate he worked for scored $5,000 from an AIPAC representative just by promising to support AIPAC’s pet issues. Easy money! [21]

The power of AIPAC cannot be explained by money alone. Its power is the result of the fact that Israel is a close ally of the USA and it is proud of its role as a front line of imperialism in the Middle East.”Hanit is the Hebrew word meaning spearhead. That word explains why Israel is a vital strategic asset not just to Great Britain, but to the West as a whole.” [22]

In addition it is backed by the Christian Evangelists and the Islamophobs and white racist organizations. Among the close friends of the Zionists is Reverend Jerry Falwell who remarked in the first week of October 2002, “Mohammed was a terrorist. I read enough of the history of his life, written by both Muslims and non-Muslims [to know] that he was a violent man, a man of war.”

Many Arabs and non-fundamentalist Christians were incensed and placed on alert. They realized that the so called “war on terrorism” has been used as a war against Islam and Arabs.

The friends of Israel, the evangelists, are also Anti-Semites. According to the American Jewish newspaper Forward”: ”Anti-Semitic beliefs are growing among evangelical Christians, the Washington Post reported. The shifting attitudes of such groups comes at a moment when Donald Trump is making the anti-Semitic claim that Jews have equal or greater loyalty to Israel than to America. Trump has also made it clear that he is taking cues from evangelical figures and groups, recently tweeting a quote from an evangelical radio host who said that Trump is the “King of Israel.” One evangelical woman who spoke to the Post, Luba Yanko, said that Trump “is surrounded by a Zionist environment with completely different values from Christians. It’s kabbalist. It’s Talmudic values. Not the word of God.” Yanko suggested that Jews, overall, control the government.”. [23]

In a similar fashion to white nationalist anti-Semitism, some evangelicals also support the existence of the State of Israel for theological reasons. [24]

The evangelists believe that a horrible war the Armageddon is going to take place between the Arab and the Jews which will send to hell the Muslims and the Jews who will not be converted to Christianity. This would be the final victory of the Messiah.

AIPAC is closely related to right wing Zionist organizations in the USA that have close relations also with white racists, white nationalists and neo-Nazis. While attacking progressive politicians and movement hides the fact that the worst Anti-Semites around the world are the friends of Israel.

In September 2017 Sebastian Gorka, a Nazi and Islamophobe who used to work for Trump as an adviser was the main speaker at a counterterrorism conference in Herzliya near Tel Aviv.” [25] Furthermore, Gorka has been accused of having ties to Vitezi Rend, an anti-Semitic Hungarian political party whose leader reportedly handed over hundreds of thousands of Jews to the Nazis in the Second World War. [26]

Today the most reactionary regimes “endorse the settler-colonialism and military occupation in Palestine. This is part of a global trend of right-wing, far-right, and fundamentalist movements. Take Brazil as an example, Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro known for patriarchal, misogynist, and racist who calls African, Middle Eastern, and Haitian refugees “the scum of humanity,” attacked LGBT populations, and promoted legal inequality of women, loves Israel. Israel friends include other Anti-Semites like Hungary’s Victor Orban. Known for his Islamophobic and anti-refugees Orban praised former Hungarian Nazi collaborator Miklos Horthy, responsible for the killing of half a million Jews in Hungary. Another friend of Israel is Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is a racist, homophobic, and sexist remarks. In spite of the fact that he compared himself to Hitler and ridiculed Holocaust victims when he visited Israel he participated in a memorial service at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.”[27]

The same is true for Modi, the far right nationalist and racist Prime Minister of India who wrote to the Israeli Prime Minister: “My dear friend Bibi, Thank you for your message on India’s Constitution Day. Israel is a cherished strategic partner. We share and value the same principles of democracy.[28]

The so called Jewish and democratic state is a racist state not only toward Arabs but also against African asylum seekers. “Israel is characterized by an hierarchy of racism grounded in white, Euro-centric supremacy. Ashkenazim discriminated against Arab Jews and Jews of color. The Zionists adopted the Anti-Semite image of the Jew as a pale, flaccid, parasite, an eternal alien. Zionism adopted the idea that this pathetic weakling who is be blamed for Anti-Semitism needed to be transformed into the bronzed, muscular Hebrew farmer/warrior Max Nordau for example in his speech at the Second Zionist Congress in Basel on August 28, 1898. Said that it is necessary to create a race of “new muscular Jews” instead of the “old weak Jew”.[29]

Indeed the worst Anti-Semites, the Nazis, agreed with the Zionists on the Jewish question. SS chief, Reinhard Heydrich, in 1935, he published a statement in an SS publication:

“National Socialism has no intention of attacking the Jewish people in any way. On the contrary, the recognition of Jewry as a racial community based on blood, and not as a religious one, leads the German government to guarantee the racial separateness of this community without any limitations. The government finds itself in complete agreement with the great spiritual movement within Jewry itself, the so-called Zionism, with its recognition of the solidarity of Jewry throughout the world and the rejection of all assimilationist ideas.” [30]

Even a Zionist publication is forced to admit this: “It may be slightly difficult to understand today, but in the beginning of the Nazi rule in Germany, way before anyone could have imagined the horrors that would be committed by the German people, there were some Zionist Jews who saw Hitler’s political doctrine as an advantage. The Nazis didn’t conceal their desire to get rid of Germany’s Jews, and some Zionists saw it as an opportunity to boost the rate of Jewish immigration from Germany to the British Mandate of Palestine, Land of Israel. One of them was Dr. Kurt Tuchler, a German Jewish judge and an active member of the Zionist Federation of Germany. Even before Adolf Hitler was named chancellor, the Federation decided to contact Nazi Party officials who they thought might support the Zionist goal. Tuchler turned to Leopold von Mildenstein, who was in charge of the Jewish Desk at the in the security service of the SS and was known for his journalistic writing. (…) Tuchler sought to join Mildenstein on a trip to the Land of Israel, which was still under British rule at the time, in a bid to suggest the place as an attractive destination for Jews. “He wanted to keep him company and influence him to write his travel story from a Zionist perspective,” Goldfinger explains. “He saw it as a mission.” And so in the spring of 1933, Tuchler and Mildenstein got in a car with their wives (who were both called Gerda) and embarked on a journey from Germany to the Land of Israel. Mildenstein returned from Palestine excited by what he saw. In his writings, he described how Jews were working the land, drying up swamps and fulfilling the Zionist idea, and praised Zionism for benefitting both the Jews and the world. The Reich’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, was also very keen about the narrative presented by Mildenstein. As horrible and unbelievable as it may seem from our perspective, the story Mildenstein brought from Palestine matched not only the Zionist stance but also the Nazi one. The bottom line of his articles was clear: Zionism is a way of solving Germany’s “Jewish problem.”[31].

It is of interest that in Israel the story of Kastner has surfaced once again. Dan Margalit, a known Zionist journalist, wrote in his Facebook account: “About Unusual Petition to the Supreme Court. I met Dov Kaplan 10 years ago because of a common interest in the holocaust of the Hungrian Jews and Israel Kastner. He gave me the Phd Thesis of Ayala Nadivi that appeared in a form of a book titled “Between Moses Kraus and Kastner “. The three of us had the opinion that Kstner was wrong for cheating the Jews sent to the death camps , in applying pressure that the parachutists’ Palgi and Goldstein should give themselves to the Gestapo and his attitude toward the mother of Hanna Szenes, the Palestinian Jewish who parachuted into Nazi-occupied Hungary on a rescue mission. and above all because of his close connections to Eichmann and his help to clarify 4 top Nazis. The Judge Halevi said about him that he sold his soul to the devil. Kastner appealed and before the appeal was heard he was killed. At 12:10 a.m. on March 3, 1957, Ze’ev Eckstein, Yosef Menkes and Dan Shemer ambushed him as he was parking his car outside his Tel Aviv home. The three attackers were convicted, served time and were released by 1963. Eckstein, the shooter, was said to have been a paid informer of the Shin Bet. They were released earlier due to the intervention of the Secret Service. Kaplan wanted to see the files of the Security Service but his request was denied and has denied even today. He appealed to the Supreme Court to open the files and this Monday there will be a hearing. Most likely his request will be denied.

Thus history tends to repeat itself. Kastner was a top Zionists who told the Jews of Hungary that they would not be sent to death camps. He helped the real Anti-Semite. Today the Zionists help once again the real Anti-Semites, by misdirecting the Jews against the left.

Recruiting Nazis to the Mossad

In the 1950’s the Israeli propaganda against Nasser’s Egypt was that Egypt recruited Nazi scientists to fight Israel and this was a proof that Nasser was pro-Nazi. This allegation was used to justify Israel war in 1956 and later in 1967. The Arabs were presented as the new Nazis who want to kill the Jews. It may come as a shock to some soft Zionists but Israel recruited some top Nazi professional killers to work with its security service, the Mossad.

“Otto Skorzeny, one of the Mossad’s most valuable assets, was a former lieutenant colonel in Nazi Germany’s Waffen-SS and one of Adolf Hitler’s favorites”. On September 11, 1962 a German scientist Heinz Krug who worked for Egypt was murdered in Munich. Today it is known that the killer was Skorzeny that after the war was recruited by the Mossad.” [32]

Supporting the Most Reactionary Regimes Africa and in Latin America

The history of Israel includes selling weapons to regimes known for their inhuman cruelty including against Jews. To give a few examples:

Rabin Government (1974-1977) hosted Apartheid South Africa’s Prime Minister John Vorster in April 1976. He had been a member of a pro-Nazi group during World War II. The Apartheid regime performed scientific experiments on Africans. “Such experiments were carried out on prisoners of war; after they were killed; their bodies were dumped by planes in the Atlantic Ocean. Documents in the South African archives, uncovered by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and investigative journalist Sasha Polakow-Suransky, reveal that the director of this project, Wouter Basson, also known as Dr. Death, visited Israel in 1979. Basson sent his representatives to additional visits to Israel for consultations with Israeli security officials, with Israeli representatives even taking part in a conference, as part of this mad plan, which was held in South Africa in 1986.” [33]

“Both the first Rabin Government and the Begin Government collaborated with the junta in Argentina, despite the fact that Jews were murdered by the regime between 1976 and 1983 in large numbers. Members of the military government supported Nazi ideology and the repression of dissidents included the use of Nazi expressions and symbols, even in torture chambers.[34]

“Between 1973 and 1991, Israeli governments and the IDF sold weapons and training to Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile, a regime that committed crimes against humanity, disappeared thousands, and tortured tens of thousands. The Pinochet regime brought torture to new heights of cruelty, unseen in modern history. The State of Israel was not interested in this regime’s ties with Nazi war criminals; Pinochet had granted asylum to senior Nazi criminal Walter Rauff, the inventor of the mobile gas chamber. One of the regime’s central torture centers was Colonia Dignidad, a Nazi and neo-Nazi colony in southern Chile.[35]

“In the 70s and 80s, Israeli governments sold arms to the military regimes in Bolivia. One of the senior figures in the Bolivian junta’s security establishment, which cast terror on the indigenous population, was senior Nazi criminal Klaus Barbie, head of the Gestapo in Lyon, who was nicknamed “The Butcher of Lyon.[36]

Following the war, the U.S. Counter-Intelligence Corps recruited Klaus Barbie—as an agent to assist the repression of the workers and the poor peasants’ uprisings. “According to a 2012 article in the Daily Mail, German prosecutors who examined secret files from Brazil and Chile discovered that as many as 9,000 Nazi officers and collaborators from other countries escaped from Europe to find sanctuary in South American countries. Brazil took in between 1,500 and 2,000 Nazi war criminals, while between 500 and 1,000 settled in Chile. However, by far the largest number—as many as 5,000—relocated to Argentina.[37] Canada received a whole division of Ukrainians SS.

One question that I was searching for the answer to was why the Mossad captured Eichmann and not Dr. Joseph Mengele who performed horrible experiments. The known Zionist journalist Ronen Begman who went over the Security files provided me the answer. The Israeli government who knew where Mangele was hiding in Argentina and Brazil did not want to capture him, according to Bergman because it was more important for them to concentrate on fighting Egypt and the Palestinians.

“The capture, trial and execution in the early 1960s of Adolf Eichmann, the bureaucratic organizer of the Holocaust, led many people to believe that the Mossad would next want to get its hands on Mengele. Many in Israel and around the world figured that the Mossad would have no trouble doing so. But the truth was that for years, the leaders of the government and the agency were simply not all that interested”…. He was seen by a Mossad agent that was sure the Mossad will capture him” But the head of the Mossad at the time, Isser Harel, ordered the matter dropped: On the same day, the agency had learned that Egypt was recruiting German scientists to build missiles; disposing of them was Harel’s top priority….. Begin thought settling the score with Mengele would show Palestinian leaders (and the Israeli public) that they would have to pay a price for harming Israelis. His attitude was reflected in a message he sent to President Ronald Reagan when he sent the Israeli Army into Lebanon in 1982, saying that he felt as if “I have sent an army to Berlin to wipe out Hitler in the bunker.[38]

In 1982 the extreme right Christian phalanges, the admires of Franco and the allies of Israel killed in cold blood 2000 Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps while the Israeli army used strong projectors to lit the butchering field for them.

So we can see that for the Zionists the real enemy is not Anti-Semitism but the oppressed people that the Zionist calls Nazis while the real Nazis are called the friends of Israel.

Thus the claim that Zionists are Anti-Nazis is a myth. For them repressing the Palestinians that they expelled from Palestine is the priority. It cannot be otherwise for settler colonialists who are in the front line of the imperialist in the region.

There are some people who call Israel a Nazi state this is not accurate. The Zionist ruling class is not afraid of the Jewish working class and does not need a fascist regime to repress a working class revolution. Israel however is the friend of the Anti-Semites including Nazis. Today the prevailing ideology in Israel is the one that Yitzhak Shamir who was twice prime Minister (1983–84 and 1986–1992) of Israel held – an extreme right wing chauvinistic ideology.

“In the late 1930s, Shamir and his Lehi faction were great admirers of the Italian Fascists and German Nazis, and after World War II broke out, they attempted to contact Mussolini and the German leadership in 1940 and 1941, hoping to enlist in the Axis Powers as their Palestine affiliate.”[39]

In an article that appeared in Los Angeles Times we find: “Israel’s Jerusalem Post broke a national taboo today by writing of a 1941 link between Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s Stern Gang guerrillas and Nazi Germany. The episode, known to historians, is almost never mentioned in a country that reveres the memory of 6 million European Jews, including Shamir’s entire family, killed by the Nazis during World War II… With the exception of a hostile statement by concentration camp survivors against Shamir when he first took power in 1983, the Israeli press virtually never mentions the episode… The Nazis rejected the plan because it clashed with their bid for support from Arab nationalists.” [40]

This does not make Israel a Nazi state but indicate how close is the ideology of the Zionist right wing to the Nazi ideology.

Thus to fight Anti-Semitism it is necessary to fight its best friends – the Zionists and the imperialist friends of Israel. For this it is important to know the real history of Zionism. [41]

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* * * * *

We refer reader for more information on the ISL’s and the RCIT’s stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people to our websites http://www.the-isleague.com and https://www.thecommunists.net/worldwide/africa-and-middle-east/.

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