Zionists shoot not only journalists but doctors as well

Yossi Schwartz, ISL, the RCIT section in Israel /Occupied Palestine, 16.10.2022

Today, Friday 14.10 the armed Zionist forces have shot and killed two Palestinian men. Among them was a physician Dr. Abdullah al-Ahmad, during a raid on the city of Jenin in the northern 1967 occupied West Bank.

He was shot in the head by Israeli forces in front of the Jenin public hospital. He was murdered by Zionist snipers while he helped an injured Palestinian to enter Iben Sina hospital. The second freedom fighter killed on Friday morning is 20-year-old Mateen Dabaya. He was a local commander in the Jenin Brigades, a Palestinian armed resistance group formed last year.

Jenin became very known in 2002 because of the massacre the Zionists carried out in 2002

The Camp of Jenin goes down into history with Sabra and Chatilla, Qana, and Deir Yassin…to name just the better-known of the horrendous massacres the Israelis have perpetrated in the past in order to suppress and conquer the Palestinian people” [1]

“Videos shared by local journalists appeared to show Israeli forces shooting at ambulance crews” [2]

“The Palestinian news agency Wafa, meanwhile, said Palestinian prime minister Mohammed Shtayyeh was mourning the doctor “shot dead by Israeli forces while he was trying to rescue casualties” [3]

Like in the case of the Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh who was shot in May while covering an army raid in Jenin the Zionists claim that:

There were conflicting reports about who may have shot him and the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that they were investigating the circumstances of the shooting and if he was hit by Palestinian or Israel fire. The military is also looking into the possibility that he had participated in the shooting and therefore targeted by the force” [4]

That the Zionists lie, we can learn from the fact that at least six other Palestinians were injured during the clashes, including two Red Crescent medics.

“At least six other Palestinians were injured during the clashes, including two Red Crescent medics” [5]

In addition, we can learn from the Zionists claim that: “A video published by Palestinian media showed armed Palestinians firing near a Red Crescent ambulance”

The video appears in Al Jazeera and in the Jerusalem post. We see in the video a Palestinian woman running away from bullets fired on the Ambulance, no armed Palestinian can be seen, and in the video published by Ynet we see the ambulance driving away from the armed fighters.

So, we are left with two incriminating facts against the apartheid state.

How are the two Red Crescent medics injured if not by snipers?

How the Doctor was killed if not by snipers?

He was pictured in the past holding rifles but on Friday he was not armed at all but helping an injured Palestinian.

Down with the Zionist war criminal state!

Victory for the Intifada!

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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