End the war today – they kill the hostages and not only the Palestinians

Yossi Schwartz, ISL (The section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 16.01.2024

Minister of war Yoav Galant Said once again that “if the fire ceases, the fate of the hostages will be sealed for many years in captivity” [1].  To translate it to human language it means Israel will continue the bombing until the last captive Israeli will die and Israel will accuse Hamas for its own killing.

On Monday two more captives Yossi Sharabi, 53, and Itai Svirsky, 38, had been killed. Noa Argamani, 26, is reportedly still alive.

The update from Gaza comes in a video featuring Argamani, where the 26-year-old reported the death of her fellow hostages.

“I was located in a building,” Argamani said in the Hamas video. “It was bombed by an IDF airstrike, an F16 fighter jet. Three rockets were fired. Two of the rockets exploded, and the other didn’t. We were in the building with Al Qassam soldiers and three hostages: Myself, Noa Argamani, Itai Svirsky, and Yossef Sharabi. “After the building we were in was hit, we were all buried under rubble. Al Qassam soldiers saved my life, and Itai’s, unfortunately, we were not able to save Yossi. After many days…two nights, Itai and I were relocated to another place. While we were being transported, Itai was hit by an IDF airstrike. He did not survive”Itai Svirsky and Yossi Sharabi,” Argamani added in the video. “They died because of our own IDF airstrikes. Stop this madness and bring us home to our families. While we are still alive, bring us home” [2]

Unlike Argamani, who wants to release the remaining Israeli captives, the Minister of War stated: “Our enemies and friends are watching what is happening inside the Gaza Strip and are testing us. The future of the people of Israel in their country depends on the results of the war. The cruel enemy before us understands only strength. Only the military pressure will lead to the achievement of the goals of the war – the elimination of the capabilities of Hamas and the Shabbat kidnapped to their home. These are the goals of the war as determined three months ago, and they are fully valid even today If the fire stops – the fate of the abductees will be sealed for many years in captivity.

Without the military pressure, no one will talk to us. Only from a position of strength can agreements be reached. Only from a position of strength can the abductees be released” [3]

But such policy will be the returning of all the dead Israeli captives in coffins for exchange of Palestinians captives. That is why to end the genocide and to release the Israelis in Gaza, the war and the genocide that so far has murdered 24,000 Palestinians, 70% of then children and women, the interest of the families of the captives and their supporters is the end today and exchange of the Israeli captives with the Palestinian captives must be done today.

Of course, to end the wart today is a victory for Hamas and for all the oppressed nations. For this reason, Israel will prefer the death of all the Israeli captives that are thrones in the government’s back. All Israelis who care about the lives of the Israeli captives better demand: End the war now, end the siege, exchange all captive Israelis with all the Palestinian refugees.

Otherwise, you can remember a song from the Queen of the Bathroom by Hanoch Levin:

“My dear father, when you stand on my grave

old and tired and very restless,

And see how they bury my body in the dirt

And you stand above me, my father,

Don’t stand so proud then,

And don’t raise your head, my father,

We are now left flesh against flesh

And this is the time to cry, my father.

So let your eyes weep for mine,

And don’t be deaf for my honor,

Something that was more important than respect

now laid at your feet, my father,

And don’t say you made a sacrifice,

Because the one who sacrificed was me,

And don’t speak any more loud words

Because I’m already very short, my father.

My dear father, when you stand on my grave

old and tired and very restless,

And look how they bury my body in the dirt –

So, ask me for forgiveness, my father.”

End the war now!

Exchange all captives Palestinians and Israelis!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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[2] https://www.israelhayom.co.il/news/defense/article/15104048

[3] Ibid

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