The isolated Zionist state is walking on the road of the South Africa during the apartheid at the end of the 1980’s

Yossi schwartz ISL (The section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine) 14.01.2024

Now that the first part of the legal arguments over the petition of South Africa against the genocide committed by Israel in the ICJ is over, and the Zionist legal team told their lies and denying the intention of Israel to commit genocide, Netanyahu feels free to repeat that “Israel will pursue its war against Hamas until victory and will not be stopped by anyone, including the world court, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said in a defiant speech, as the fighting in Gaza reaches the 100-day mark” [1]

He was answered by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah who said on Sunday that Hezbollah does not fear war or the U.S. and Israeli threats, while emphasizing that his group will not negotiate over the situation on the border before the end of Israel’s war on Gaza. The fear of the monstrous Zionist state, the front line of Western imperialism, is gone. If the war machine of Israel cannot win against the small force of the resistance in Gaza but only kill civilians and bring destruction, the oppressed around the world feel stronger and the imperialists have a reason to be afraid. The war between Hamas and Israel is a turning point in history.

“We will continue and our front is inflicting defeats on the enemy,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech commemorating Hezbollah senior military commander Wissam Tawil, who was assassinated by Israel on Monday.The new language today (by the Americans) is that if we do not stop, the Israelis will wage a war on Lebanon, and I say that this intimidation is of no use,” Nasrallah added. “Referring to the Israeli battalions that have been pulled out of Gaza for rest, Nasrallah said: “They (Americans) are threatening us with the tired and scared battalions. The one who should fear war and be scared of it are Israel and the enemy’s government and settlers,” Nasrallah underlined. “We have been ready for war for the past 99 days and we do not fear it. We will fight in it without a ceiling and without any restrictions or limits,” Hezbollah’s leader warns: “The Americans who present themselves as being keen on Lebanon must fear for their base Israel,” he added” [2]

He also said: “Israel was not able to destroy the resistance, let alone Hamas’s government. All the areas that were evacuated in the north of the Gaza Strip are currently managed by the Hamas government. The enemy was unable to stop the rocket fire, even that emanating from northern Gaza. The Israelis themselves say that after 100 days, Israel is mired in failure, some using the phrase ‘a deep hole’ to describe the situation in which its leaders currently reside. What has it achieved in 100 days, other than death? Israel failed to achieve even a semblance of victory,” Nasrallah added” [3]

Indeed, even the Zionist mass media has to admit that Israel is isolated. In the Zionist right wing daily Israel Today, we find the following interesting report:

“Shortly after the attack by Hamas, the Foreign Ministry prepared a list of the countries that expressed support for Israel and condemned Hamas. 84 countries were on the list, including Morocco, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and even Oman, , and India, a train of Western officials, including the president of the United States and the heads of the European Union, Germany, France and Great Britain, landed here. But not Russia and China, which immediately adopted neutrality and avoided condemnation and Turkey which supported the Palestinians.

But the more Israel bombed in preparation for the ground maneuver, the greater the resistance in the world just remember. This was already clear in the reports about the bombing of the Al-Ahli hospital. The gap between the way media consumers in the West see the war (with an emphasis on the destruction in Gaza) and the way it is covered on the Israeli side (the focus on the fighting) is growing.

At the end of November the NPR and PBS networks found that 61% of Americans support Israel – although as other surveys have shown, Israel has a serious problem among Americans aged 18-24 (the flowers for the presidents of higher education institutions and humanities departments). In Russia (as of the end of October) 6% supported Israel. In Ukraine (in mid-December) 69%.

In Germany, the percentage of supporters of Israel is the highest (29%), and in Spain – the lowest (19%). In five countries out of seven (including Germany) a decrease was recorded in the weeks after the peak of October 7; On the other hand, in Italy and Great Britain the level of support remained stable and even increased slightly. With the exception of the United Kingdom and especially Spain, in the other five countries the group that has grown the most is those who support both sides equally. This may be related to the fact that the majority of Europeans (between 60% and 70%) who participated in the survey still see the two-state solution as the only solution” [4]

End the war now!

Down with the Zionist apartheid state from the river to the sea!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



[2] Israel today an article that was removed very fast.



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