Hamas has not fallen into the American-Zionist trap

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 09.06.2024

Hamas refuses the cease-fire proposal, which is fundamentally different from what Biden announced.

The reputable Saudi channel A-Sharq reported that Hamas rejected the proposal. According to their report, Hamas distributed a memo to other Palestinian organizations stating that the proposal ‘does not include a permanent ceasefire and does not link the three phases in a way tight’.

The Saudi channel “A-Sharq” reported on Thursday that Hamas rejected the document submitted by Israel regarding reaching a ceasefire and a hostage deal after it became clear that it was fundamentally different from what US President Joe Biden had announced.

According to the report, Hamas has expressed concerns in a memo distributed to the other Palestinian resistance organizations, which was later reported by the Saudi channel. They stated that ‘after examining the Israeli document, it became clear that the document does not lay the right foundations for the required agreement, since it does not include a permanent ceasefire, but a temporary ceasefire, and it does not link the three stages closely‘.

While the American imperialist Secretary for Genocide, Anthony Blinken, said that Israel made a generous offer, the only thing standing in the way of a ceasefire is Hamas. Hamas refuses the proposal, which is different from what Biden presented. “On the contrary, the document destroyed the bridges between one stage and another and disrupted the unity of the agreement on all its stages,” the report reads, “reducing the agreement to one stage in which the aggression stops temporarily, and forces remain in the territories of the Gaza Strip. Israel obtains in return some of the captives in which it is interested, and after that, it resumes the war. They use vague rituals that can be interpreted.”

In a memo to the organizations, Hamas added that when President Biden made his statements – Hamas welcomed what he said. Because he provided the necessary foundations to reach an agreement that would achieve a permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of the army from the Strip, the flow of large quantities of supplies, the return of the displaced, the restoration of the Strip and the exchange of prisoners Hamas did not hesitate to announce its positive position towards these statements, because they were by the document of May 6 and contained the necessary elements – the most important of which – a permanent ceasefire and a full withdrawal from the Strip.

Hamas did not comment on Biden’s plan for a mini-Bantustan state on 27% of historical British mandate Palestine that will provide cheap labor to the Israeli capitalist and police the oppressed and super-exploited Palestinians. This is one of the reasons we do not give Hamas political support but support the Palestinian resistance as long as they fight the Zionist monster.

We had enough with the imperialist’s lies and manipulation!

Down with the imperialist world order based on oppression and exploitation!

For Palestine, red and free from the river to the sea!

For the socialist federation of the Middle East.

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